Yulia Navalnaya urges Russians to join election day protest against Putin

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March 6, 2024, 10:51 AM UTC / Source: Reuters

By Reuters

Yulia Navalnaya, widow of guidance leader Alexei Navalny, called connected Russians to subordinate an predetermination time protestation astatine noon connected March 17 and to ballot against President Vladimir Putin aliases spoil their ballots.

In a YouTube video, Navalnaya said she had drawn dream from nan immense crowds that turned retired past week for the ceremonial of her husband, who died successful an Arctic penal colony connected Feb. 16, and who since past person submerged his sedate successful a oversea of flowers.

She urged group to subordinate nan March 17 action that Navalny, Russia’s champion known guidance figure, had called for soon beryllium died. His thought was that group could registry a protest, without immoderate consequence of arrest, by each turning retired en masse astatine nan aforesaid clip connected predetermination time successful cities crossed nan country.

“We request to usage nan predetermination time to show that we beryllium and location are galore of us. We are real, surviving people, and we are against Putin. You request to travel to nan voting position connected nan aforesaid time and astatine nan aforesaid clip — March 17 astatine noon,” Yulia Navalnaya said.

Laying flowers astatine nan sedate of Alexei Navalny successful Moscow - 02 Mar 2024People laic flowers astatine nan sedate of Russian guidance leader Alexei Navalny successful Moscow connected March 2, 2024.Artem Priakhin / SOPA Images via Reuters

“What to do next? The prime is yours. You tin ballot for immoderate campaigner isolated from Putin. You tin ruin nan ballot, you tin constitute ‘Navalny’ successful large letters connected it. And moreover if you don’t spot nan constituent successful voting astatine all, you tin conscionable travel and guidelines astatine nan polling station, and past move astir and spell home.”

Since her husband’s death, Navalnaya has promised to proceed his activity and made respective high-profile governmental appearances successful nan West, including gathering President Joe Biden and addressing nan Munich Security Conference and nan European Parliament.

The Kremlin has powerfully denied accusations by Navalnaya that Putin had Navalny killed, and has declined to remark connected nan nationalist consequence to his decease and funeral. His decease certificate said he died of earthy causes astatine nan property of 47.