Yankees star Aaron Judge not certain he'll be ready for Opening Day after undergoing an MRI

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TAMPA, Fla.— New York Yankees prima Aaron Judge expects to beryllium fresh for opening time connected March 28 aft an MRI exam of his abdomen.

Judge started emotion discomfort pinch his abdomen during his swing’s follow-through astir a week agone and nan 31-year-old has not taken on-field batting believe nan past fewer days. He lasted played Sunday, striking retired successful some at-bats, and said he expects to resume swinging a bat this week.

“We ran tests. Everything comes backmost good,” Judge said Tuesday, 1 time aft nan MRI. “A small banged up. The astir important point is opening day, and I alternatively return immoderate days now and beryllium smart astir it.”

Judge is “pretty sure” he will fresh for nan opener astatine Houston. He continues protect drills and running.

Yankees head Aaron Boone said while nan squad still was awaiting tests connected nan correct elbow of AL Cy Young Award victor Gerrit Cole, it would beryllium difficult for nan ace to build up capable to commencement nan opener.

Judge missed 42 games past play pinch a torn ligament successful his correct large toe, an wounded sustained erstwhile he ran into Dodger Stadium’s right-field obstruction connected June 3, He started his off-season hitting programme successful November.

“I deliberation conscionable from swinging from November each nan measurement until now each azygous time benignant of get immoderate deterioration and tear connected it,” Judge said, “And particularly coming backmost aft a toed wounded erstwhile you’re trying to, you know, mechanics are a small messed up and you’re conscionable moving connected something. So I deliberation it’s conscionable portion of being a shot subordinate each day.”