Woman charged with buying guns used in killings of 3 Minnesota first responders

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MINNEAPOLIS — A female has been charged pinch illegally buying guns utilized successful nan killings of 3 Minnesota first responders successful a standoff astatine a location successful nan Minneapolis suburb of Burnsville, wherever 7 children were inside, national authorities said.

The 35-year-old Burnsville female conspired pinch nan shooter, Shannon Gooden, betwixt Sept. 21 and Jan. 25 to illegally get him guns, U.S. Attorney Andrew M. Luger announced Thursday astatine a news conference.

The female was charged pinch 1 count of conspiracy and 5 counts of making mendacious statements during nan acquisition of a firearm. She will make her first quality successful national tribunal Thursday afternoon.

At a news conference, section and national authorities praised their investigation and mourned nan nonaccomplishment of nan 2 officers and nan firefighter-paramedic killed successful nan standoff.

Dakota County Attorney Kathryn Keena called nan female “the logic he had an arsenal of firearms successful his possession that yet resulted successful nan execution of 3 of Dakota County’s finest.”

Officers Paul Elmstrand and Matthew Ruge, some 27, and firefighter-paramedic Adam Finseth, 40, were slain during nan standoff. Their memorial service two weeks agone drew thousands of rule enforcement officers, firefighters and paramedics.

Investigators opportunity Gooden, 38, opened occurrence without informing aft lengthy negotiations, past later killed himself.

Sgt. Adam Medlicott, 38, survived being changeable while tending to nan wounded.

Court records show Gooden wasn’t legally allowed to person guns because of his criminal grounds and had been entangled successful a yearslong conflict complete his 3 oldest children. The children successful nan location were ages 2 to 15 years.

Police were dispatched to nan location astir 1:50 a.m., according to nan bureau. Gooden refused to time off but said he was unarmed and that he had children inside. Officers entered and negotiated pinch him for astir 3 1/2 hours to effort to seduce him to surrender. But conscionable earlier 5:30 a.m., nan bureau said, Gooden opened occurrence connected officers wrong without warning.

Elmstrand, Ruge and Medlicott are believed to person been first changeable wrong nan home, nan bureau said. Medlicott and different officer, who was not injured, returned occurrence from wrong nan home, wounding Gooden successful nan leg.

Ruge and Medlicott were changeable a 2nd clip arsenic officers made their measurement to an armored conveyance successful nan driveway, according to nan bureau. Finseth, who was assigned to nan SWAT team, was changeable while trying to assistance nan officers, it said. Elmstrand, Ruge and Finseth were pronounced dormant astatine a hospital.

A constabulary conveyance pinch what appears to beryllium slug pockmarks is towed away.A constabulary conveyance pinch what appears to beryllium slug pockmarks is towed adjacent nan segment wherever 2 constabulary officers and a first responder were changeable and killed successful Burnsville, Minn., connected Feb. 18.Abbie Parr / AP

Gooden had “several firearms” and fired much than 100 rounds earlier sidesplitting himself, nan bureau said. A tribunal archive revenge by a bureau supplier said nan first 911 telephone was astir a “sexual battle allegation” but did not supply details.

John McConkey, a Burnsville weapon shop owner, told reporters precocious past period that portion of 1 of nan firearms recovered astatine nan segment was traced to his shop and had been bought by a purchaser who passed nan inheritance cheque and took possession of it Jan. 5. He said authorities told him that nan individual who picked it up was nether investigation for committing a felony straw purchase, and that Gooden was not location astatine nan time.

Gooden’s ex-girlfriend, Noemi Torres, disclosed this week that she had testified earlier a national expansive assemblage that was investigating nan case. She told The Associated Press connected Wednesday that she was asked astir her narration pinch Gooden and whether he could person coerced her into buying him a gun. She said she told nan expansive assemblage that she would not person done truthful because “I was frightened for my life” because of their history of home abuse.

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