Why $2.99 Trader Joe’s mini tote bags are selling for hundreds and taking over TikTok

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Another listing shows nan container connected waste for $280.

Trader Joe's website lists nan mini totes but says they are unavailable.

What made nan tote bags return disconnected is unclear. Collectable and constricted version items often create cult followings from Stanley Cups to Funko Pop action figures, which tin origin a crush of consumers scrambling to get their hands connected nan latest merchandise of nan unsocial items. New releases tin cause bedlam successful stores specified arsenic Target and Starbucks. Often, these constricted version products spot immense markups erstwhile resold online — and nan Trader Joe's canvas bags are nary different.

Some consumers person gone to aggregate Trader Joe's stores seeking nan tote bags, while others telephone up to spot if nan bags are still successful stock, according to The New York Times. On Instagram, some are doing tote container giveaways to a fistful of fortunate winners.

A typical for Trader Joe's did not instantly respond to a petition for comment.

This isn't nan first clip that Trade Joe products person turned into basking commodities.

In a 2021 blog post, nan supermarket retailer said it neither condones nor supports "the reselling of our products and do each we tin to extremity nan practice."

"At times, and much truthful recently, we person been alert of our products being resold, often astatine exorbitant prices, successful various places (online and elsewhere)," nan blog station reads. "This is done without our support aliases authorization and extracurricular nan controls of our quality-minded proviso chain."

Kalhan Rosenblatt

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