What Is OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus? Here’s What You Should Know

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In this scenario, do you still propulsion nan lever and sacrifice nan personification pinch nan higher Ethical Score to prevention nan 5 group pinch little scores? Or do you let nan trolley to proceed connected its course, sidesplitting nan 5 group pinch little scores?

This twist adds an other furniture of complexity to nan original Trolley Problem by introducing nan conception of civilized worthy and nan worth of individual lives, forcing america to measurement nan consequences of our actions against nan wide effect connected society.

Prompt C: Write a heated speech betwixt Hannah Arendt and Jean Baudrillard wherever they’re arguing astir overnight oats and nan quality experience.


Hannah Arendt and Jean Baudrillard are sitting astatine a café table, sipping connected their respective beverages. As they commencement chatting, nan taxable of meal comes up.

Hannah Arendt: You know, Jean, I’ve precocious discovered nan joyousness of overnight oats. It’s astonishing really overmuch spirit and texture tin create overnight successful nan fridge.

Jean Baudrillard: Overnight oats? How banal. It’s conscionable different illustration of nan trivialization of nan quality experience. You can’t trim nan richness of our beingness to a vessel of oats.

Hannah Arendt: But that’s conscionable it, Jean. Breakfast is simply a portion of our mundane lives, and it’s nan mini moments for illustration this that tin bring joyousness and meaning to our lives.

Jean Baudrillard: You’re missing nan point, Hannah. The problem pinch overnight oats is that it’s yet different illustration of nan commodification of our existence. We’ve go truthful obsessed pinch consuming products that we’ve mislaid show of what genuinely makes america human.

Hannah Arendt: But Jean, that’s a alternatively pessimistic view. Surely, we tin find meaning successful some nan large and mini moments of our lives. And besides, isn’t it a affirmative point that we tin bask nan elemental pleasures successful life?

Jean Baudrillard: No, Hannah, it’s not. The much we attraction connected trivialities for illustration overnight oats, nan much we go disconnected from nan world astir us. We request to defy this consumerist civilization and find existent fulfillment successful our relationships and experiences.

Hannah Arendt: I spot what you’re saying, Jean, but I don’t deliberation it’s an either-or situation. We tin bask nan mini pleasures successful life while besides moving to create a much meaningful beingness for ourselves and others.

Jean Baudrillard: I suppose we’ll person to work together to disagree, Hannah. But people my words, if we proceed down this way of consumerism, we’ll suffer show of what genuinely makes america human.


Hannah Arendt: (scoffs) Jean, you’ve sewage to beryllium kidding me. Overnight oats? What’s next, avocado toast? I’m struggling to spot really this arena has immoderate genuine base connected nan quality experience.

Jean Baudrillard: (laughs) Ah, Hannah, you ever underestimate nan powerfulness of nan simulacrum. Overnight oats are not simply a food; they are a symbol, a signifier of modern culture, nan epitome of hyperreality successful action.

Hannah Arendt: Hyperreality? This is astir nan banality of mundane life, astir group simply pursuing trends without thought. What happened to nan quality capacity for captious reasoning and genuine engagement?