Video shows 2 Cleveland police horses on the lam causing traffic jam on I-90

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CLEVELAND — Drivers connected an Ohio interstate came upon an different postulation hazard complete nan play — a brace of constabulary horses trotting against postulation connected nan highway.

The 2 animals connected nan lam caused an different postulation jam Saturday day arsenic they wove done slowing postulation and past stopped it connected Interstate 90 successful nan downtown Cleveland area. reports that video from nan Ohio Department of Transportation showed nan animals trotting connected nan broadside of nan roadworthy adjacent nan unit’s stables astatine astir 12:15 p.m. Saturday. Another video showed them headed westbound successful nan eastbound interstate lanes, slowing and past halting traffic.

The camera follows nan animals, yet trailed by a constabulary cruiser pinch flashing lights, heading further on nan road and past down an onramp earlier cutting crossed a grassy conception onto a broadside thoroughfare and retired of view.

Cleveland Police Sgt. Wilfredo Diaz told reporters that nan horses were members of nan department’s mounted division. He said they “inadvertently strayed” during “routine attraction and exercise.”

“Mounted officers promptly recovered some horses, ensuring their safety, and nary further incidents ensued,” Diaz said.

Video of nan horseplay prompted a bully woody of online hilarity, pinch moreover nan proscription section getting into nan snarky act.

“Some existent horsepower connected I-90 successful downtown Cleveland today. Any injuries? Neigh,” nan section posted connected Twitter/X.

The Associated Press

The Associated Press