Vice President Kamala Harris to join in marking anniversary of Bloody Sunday on Alabama bridge

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SELMA, Ala. — Vice President Kamala Harris is expected to beryllium among those marking nan 59th day of Bloody Sunday, nan time Alabama rule officers attacked Civil Rights demonstrators connected nan iconic Edmund Pettus Bridge successful Selma, Alabama.

The demonstrators were beaten by officers arsenic they tried to march crossed Alabama connected March 7, 1965, successful support of voting rights. A march crossed nan bridge, which is simply a item of nan commemoration successful Selma each year, is planned for Sunday afternoon.

Sunday’s march is among dozens of events during nan yearly Selma Bridge Crossing Jubilee, which began Thursday and culminates Sunday. The events commemorate Bloody Sunday and nan signing of nan Voting Rights Act.

“During her speech, nan Vice President will grant nan bequest of nan civilian authorities movement, reside nan ongoing activity to execute justness for all, and promote Americans to proceed nan conflict for basal freedoms that are nether onslaught passim nan country,” nan White House said successful announcing her visit.

Harris joined nan march successful 2022, calling nan tract hallowed crushed and giving a reside calling connected Congress to take sides populist by protecting people’s correct to vote. On that anniversary, Harris said of marchers whose “peaceful protestation was met pinch crushing violence.”

“They were kneeling erstwhile nan authorities troopers charged,” she said then. “They were praying erstwhile nan billy clubs struck.”

State troopers plaything billy clubs to break up a civilian authorities voting marchState troopers plaything billy clubs to break up a civilian authorities voting march successful Selma, Ala., connected March 7, 1965.AP file

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland was besides expected to participate successful Sunday’s events, nan Department of Justice announced.

Images of nan unit astatine nan span stunned Americans, which helped galvanize support for passing nan Voting Rights Act of 1965. The rule struck down barriers prohibiting Black group from voting.

U.S. Rep. James Clyburn, a Democrat of South Carolina who is starring a visit to Selma, said he is seeking to “remind group that we are celebrating an arena that started this state connected a amended roadworthy toward a much cleanable union,” but nan correct to ballot is still not guaranteed.

Clyburn sees Selma arsenic nan nexus of nan 1960s activity for voting rights, astatine a clip erstwhile location presently are efforts to standard backmost those rights.

“The Voting Rights Act of 1965 became a reality successful August of 1965 because of what happened connected March 7th of 1965,” Clyburn said.

“We are astatine an inflection constituent successful this country,” he added. “And hopefully this year’s march will let group to return banal of wherever we are.”

Clyburn said he hopes nan play successful Alabama would bring power and unity to nan civilian authorities movement, arsenic good arsenic use nan metropolis of Selma.

“We request to do thing to create nan waterfront, we request to do thing that bring nan manufacture backmost to Selma,” Clyburn said. “We sewage to do thing to dress up for them having mislaid that subject installation down location that provided each nan jobs. All that goes away, there’s thing to support young group engaged successful processing their communities.”

U.S. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland besides is expected to be nan arena successful Selma.

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