Up to two feet of snow to hit Northern Sierra, days after powerful blizzard

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After a powerful blizzard dumped much than 7 feet of snowfall successful parts of nan Sierra Nevada, different large wind will return purpose astatine nan Northern Sierra this week. 

Winter large wind warnings are now successful effect for nan Northern Sierra done Wednesday greeting wherever 12 to 24 inches of snowfall is forecast. 

This large wind will enactment confined to confederate Oregon and Northern California Monday into Tuesday, earlier bringing rainfall to Southern California Wednesday. 

The Sierra was battered pinch a blizzard from precocious past week into nan play and clocked apical snowfall totals of 87 inches successful Donner Peak, 84 inches successful Soda Springs, 73 inches successful Kingvale and 61 inches successful Twin Bridges, each successful California. 

Wind gusts arsenic precocious arsenic 180 to 190 mph were recorded astatine nan highest peaks of nan Sierra. 

The caller wintertime large wind informing forecasts snowfall supra elevations of 4,000 to 5,000 feet pinch 2 feet astatine highest peaks. Wind gusts of up to 45 mph are besides imaginable Monday. As a result, location will beryllium reduced visibility, recreation delays and roadworthy closures and recreation is “highly discouraged,” the National Weather Service said. 

Elsewhere successful nan U.S., eastbound New Mexico and westbound Texas will beryllium astatine consequence for more wildfires Monday owed to beardown westerly winds gusting 25 to 30 mph and debased humidity ripe for wildfire ignition and spread. Temperatures will cool disconnected complete nan adjacent fewer days and winds are forecast to subside, which should thief pinch firefighting efforts. 

Monday will besides bring imaginable grounds March warmth. 

About 2 twelve grounds highs are imaginable Monday from nan Mississippi Valley to nan Great Lakes and interior Northeast. Highs from cardinal Missouri to occidental New York are forecast to beryllium 15 to 35 degrees starring to highs successful nan 60s and 70s. 

Cities that could spot grounds highs see St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, and Syracuse, New York. 

New York’s Buffalo Airport already reached a caller regular grounds precocious of 64 degrees Fahrenheit Monday, beating nan anterior grounds of 63 degrees group connected March 4, 1974. The National Weather Service agency successful Buffalo warned nan somesthesia will “likely climb” today.

Temperatures will cool disconnected person to much seasonal levels done nan week. 

Kathryn Prociv

Kathryn Prociv is simply a elder meteorologist and shaper for NBC News. 

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