University of Missouri student, 22, missing after he was asked to leave Nashville bar during fraternity trip

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A family is pleading for answers successful nan hunt for a University of Missouri student who has been missing since Friday aft leaving a barroom successful Nashville. 

Riley Strain, a 22-year senior, was past seen Friday nighttime by friends astatine a barroom successful Nashville’s bustling Broadway area, known for nightlife, Metropolitan Nashville Police said.

He was visiting municipality pinch his Delta Chi fraternity brothers for their outpouring formal, The St. Louis-Post Dispatch reported, but sewage separated aft he was asked to time off state vocalist Luke Bryan's bar, Luke’s 32 Bridge Food + Drink, his family told NBC connection WSMV of Nashville. 

“At astir 9:45 p.m., he was asked to time off Luke Bryan’s bar,” Strain’s stepfather Chris Whiteid told nan station. “They sewage separated. The boys called him, and he said. 'I’m stepping backmost to my hotel.' They didn’t deliberation thing astir it.”

When his friends returned to Tempo Hotel, astir a half mile distant from nan bar, they saw Strain’s room key, but nary show of him. When they tried to telephone him, his telephone was dead. 

The boys went retired to hunt for him, checked his Snapchat locations, and went done nan different fraternity brothers’ rooms, but did not find him and called his parents. 

Whiteid, on pinch his woman Michelle Whiteid, traveled from Springfield, Missouri, to Nashville to hunt for him. 

“We talk each day, aggregate times a day,” Michelle Whiteid said. “This is nan longest I’ve ever gone without talking to him.”

“We’re successful a bad dream. Can we aftermath up? Please, conscionable fto america aftermath up,” her hubby told WSMV.

Chris Whiteid told The St. Louis Post-Dispatch that according to surveillance footage, it appeared that Strain was heading backmost to nan edifice but took a incorrect turn. It's not clear wherever that footage was from.

Searches took spot Monday including a chopper hunt of Gay Street, nan area wherever Strain was past seen, nan riverbank, and a crushed search, “but to nary avail,” police said. 

Strain is described arsenic 6 feet, 5 inches gangly pinch a bladed build, bluish eyes and ray brownish hair. 

A news merchandise from nan University of Missouri Monday said that schoolhouse officials were alerted this play that Strain was missing aft walking to Nashville to “attend a backstage event.”

The schoolhouse has been successful touch pinch his family and Nashville authorities. 

The schoolhouse said counseling resources are disposable to nan field community. 

“The information of our organization is our highest priority,” interim vice chancellor for Student Affairs Angela King Taylor said successful a statement. “Our thoughts are pinch Riley’s family arsenic nan hunt continues. We will beryllium offering immoderate support to them that we can, and we promote anyone who needs thief to scope retired to our counseling resources.” 

Anyone who has seen him is urged to telephone Metropolitan Nashville Police astatine (615)-862-8600.

Marlene Lenthang

Breaking News Reporter