United Airlines expects busiest spring break ever despite travelers' cost concerns

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United Airlines expects its busiest outpouring break ever this year, moreover arsenic travelers opportunity they are concerned astir rising costs.

The bearer said Monday it expects to service much than 21 cardinal passengers betwixt March 8 and April 21 — up astir 10% compared pinch past year.

That equates to much than 200,000 group per time connected mean during nan play — astir 15,000 much group flying per time than past year.

United said it expects nan busiest recreation time to be Friday, March 22, when much than 500,000 passengers are slated to recreation via nan carrier. Likewise, nan week of March 25 will beryllium nan busiest recreation week, pinch about 480,000 group flying each time that week, on average.

Travel group Expedia separately reported past period that nan April 8 star eclipse appears to beryllium driving immoderate of nan biggest surges successful bookings, pinch locations successful Texas — the authorities pinch 1 of nan largest exposures to nan event — astir doubling; searches for Dallas are up 95% twelvemonth connected year, Expedia said, while Austin searches are up 90%.

United and Expedia some said accepted outpouring getaway locations for illustration Florida, Cancun and Las Vegas stay astatine nan apical of this year's most-sought destinations list.

According to nan recreation booking group Hopper, 90% of study respondents walking this outpouring said value and affordability are apical of mind.

Yet contempt higher demand, prices are really down this year, according to Hayley Berg, lead economist pinch Hopper. A "good deal" mean value for personification who plans up for a outpouring break travel successful nan U.S. is down 2% from past twelvemonth and 11% from 2019 to astir $250, Hopper information show.

In fact, nan little prices are helping thrust demand, Berg said. Thanks to accrued title from low-cost carriers, accrued seating capacity connected planes, and a return to full-strength staffing, nan value nan mean user is apt to brushwood erstwhile booking is continuing to autumn — a inclination that had been occurring earlier nan onset of Covid-19 successful 2020.

"It's been awesome for consumers," she said. "Pre-pandemic, prices were down consistently for years. It's thing that's allowed nan millennial procreation to person recreation beryllium thing they do a batch of."

Rob Wile

Rob Wile is simply a breaking business news newsman for NBC News Digital.