U.S. man sentenced to life in prison for murder and rape in attack on 2 American women near famous German castle

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BERLIN — An American man was convicted of execution and different charges connected Monday for brutally attacking 2 American women near Germany’s famed Neuschwanstein castle past summertime and pushing them into a ravine, fatally injuring 1 of them. He was sentenced to life successful prison.

The Kempten authorities tribunal besides convicted nan 31-year-old of attempted execution and rape pinch fatal consequences, nan German news agency dpa reported. Presiding judge Christoph Schwiebacher wished that nan suspect bears peculiarly terrible guilt, meaning that he apt won’t beryllium eligible for merchandise aft 15 years arsenic is usually nan lawsuit successful Germany.

Defendants successful nan German ineligible strategy do not formally participate pleas to charges, but nan suspect admitted to nan charges when his proceedings opened connected Feb. 19.

Schwiebacher described nan suspect arsenic “incredibly callous.” He said that “a merchandise aft 15 years would not beryllium justifiable.”

In statement pinch German privateness laws, German authorities did not place nan perpetrator and nan victims. However, family and friends astatine nan clip said that nan victims were 21-year-old Eva Liu, who died, and her friend Kelsey Chang, 22, who survived. Both were caller graduates of nan University of Illinois.

The onslaught took spot connected June 14 adjacent nan Marienbruecke, a span complete a gorge that offers a position of nan castle, 1 of Germany’s astir celebrated tourer attractions.

Prosecutors person said nan fishy met nan 2 women by chance connected a hiking way and lured them disconnected nan trail. They said he apparently first forced nan younger female to nan crushed and tried to undress her.

When nan older female tried to thief her, a scuffle ensued and nan fishy allegedly pushed her down a steep slope. She fell astir 165 feet and sustained a caput injury, bruises and grazes, but survived.

The fishy past strangled nan younger female until she was unconscious and raped her, prosecutors person said, earlier pushing her down nan slope arsenic well. She died later successful a hospital.

“He disposed of her for illustration a container of garbage,” judge Schwiebacher said arsenic he announced nan verdict connected Monday, dpa reported.

The tribunal recovered that nan suspect wanted to support video footage and a photograph he had made of his actions — worldly that became important grounds to investigators — arsenic a “trophy.”

Police officers arrested him adjacent nan segment of nan attack. The victims were recovered from nan valley by a helicopter.

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