Trump wins the North Dakota Republican caucuses

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Former President Donald Trump defeated erstwhile U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley successful nan North Dakota Republican caucuses Monday, NBC News projects, notching different triumph connected his way toward nan GOP statesmanlike nomination.

The title successful North Dakota was nan past earlier Super Tuesday, nan time connected the 2024 statesmanlike nominating calendar pinch nan astir delegates astatine stake.

Haley has won only 1 GOP nominating title truthful acold — in Washington, D.C. — but has earned different delegates from nan early voting states.

Trump will return each 29 of North Dakota's GOP delegates if he wins astatine slightest 60% of nan statewide vote. If he doesn’t, nan delegates will beryllium allocated proportionally to nan erstwhile president and Haley based connected nan last statewide vote.

North Dakota Democrats will clasp a statesmanlike superior connected March 30.

On Tuesday, 865 delegates — aliases 36% of each nan delegates successful nan title — will beryllium astatine liking successful complete a twelve states.

The campaigner who clinches nan mostly of nan party’s delegates — 1,215 of 2,429 full delegates — earlier nan Republican National Convention this summertime will beryllium nan nominee.

Alexandra Marquez

Alexandra Marquez is simply a authorities newsman for NBC News.