Trump wins the Missouri Republican caucuses

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Former President Donald Trump handily won Missouri’s GOP statesmanlike caucuses Saturday complete erstwhile U.S. Ambassador to nan United Nations Nikki Haley, NBC News projects.

Trump won each 54 of Missouri’s Republican delegates to nan party’s statesmanlike normal this summer, which are allocated connected a winner-take-most ground astatine some nan statewide and nan legislature territory level.

Missouri Republicans switched nan party’s statesmanlike nominating strategy from a superior to caucuses aft failing to group up a superior during past year’s legislative session. The Republican mostly passed a wide-ranging elections measure that canceled nan primary; they past grounded to reinstate it erstwhile leaders successful some parties advocated successful favour of doing so.

Democrats will clasp a party-run statesmanlike superior present later this month.

In 2016, nan past clip Missouri hosted a competitory nominating contest, Trump defeated Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, by two-tenths of a percent point, pinch then-Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., besides taking up a chunk of nan vote.

Allan Smith

Allan Smith is simply a governmental newsman for NBC News.