Trump warns of 'languages coming into our country' that 'nobody' has heard of

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Warning astir nan dangers of forbidden migration astatine nan confederate separator has agelong been 1 of Donald Trump’s run mainstays, going backmost to the time he launched his first statesmanlike bid. At nan time, he said Mexico was sending “rapists” and group who were bringing “drugs” and “crime.” 

But lately, nan erstwhile president has seized connected a caller problem that migrants are bringing: languages. 

“We person languages coming into our country. We don’t person 1 coach successful our full federation that tin speak that language,” Trump said earlier a crowd of thousands of supporters astatine nan Conservative Political Action Conference extracurricular Washington, D.C. past month. 

“These are languages — it’s nan craziest point — they person languages that cipher successful this state has ever heard of. It’s a very horrible thing,” he added.

Trump repeated nan remark nan pursuing week during an quality astatine nan confederate separator alongside Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, saying that migrants are entering nan state speaking “truly overseas languages.” 

“Nobody speaks them,” he said aft a circuit of nan separator successful Eagle Pass. 

And addressing a rally successful Virginia Saturday night, Trump described New York classrooms arsenic overwhelmed pinch “pupils from overseas countries, from countries wherever they don’t moreover cognize what nan connection is.”

“We person cipher that moreover teaches it. These are languages that cipher ever heard of,” he claimed.

It’s not wholly clear what languages Trump is referencing. 

When asked to explain Trump’s remarks, run spokesperson Steven Cheung responded, “There are migrants invading from countries that we cognize thing about, which is nan point.” He did not respond to a follow-up mobility astir what those countries are. 

The United States has no charismatic language.

At run rallies, Trump routinely says he would transportation retired nan largest home deportation cognition successful history if re-elected. Trump besides vows to reinstate his infamous Muslim recreation ban, and grow it to see Gazan refugees and incorporated “ideological screenings” for each immigrants. Trump has besides claimed aggregate times that immigrants are poisoning nan humor of America, a remark President Joe Biden’s run likened to rhetoric of Adolf Hitler.

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