Trump supporter charged with firing gun during Jan. 6 attack ordered detained

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A Donald Trump protagonist charged pinch firing a gun extracurricular nan Capitol during nan Jan. 6 onslaught was ordered detained by a national judge successful Chicago connected Wednesday aft prosecutors based on his behaviour was "mind-numbingly dangerous" and nary conditions of his merchandise could guarantee nationalist safety.

John Banuelos was publically identified successful an NBC News communicative in February 2022, but it wasn't until past period that different Jan. 6 rioter published video footage that appeared to show Banuelos firing nan limb that was seen successful his waistband.

FBI typical agents contacted Banuelos aft he was publically identified successful 2022 to inquire "about his claims that he went wrong nan Capitol," according to a authorities detention memo. Banuelos denied that he went wrong nan Capitol earlier he "hung up and past called agents making incoherent sentences saying group were trying to instrumentality him and were messing pinch his mind," nan authorities said.

Nearly 2 years later, successful January 2024, nan FBI past interviewed Banuelos astir societal media threats in, but it wasn't until past month, aft footage emerged appearing to show Banuelos firing disconnected 2 shots extracurricular nan Capitol, that nan FBI began "monitoring Banuelos’ cellular location data," prosecutors said.

Judge Beth W. Jantz said during Banuelos' detention proceeding successful Chicago connected Wednesday that nan defendant's alleged actions were reckless and very superior and endangered rule enforcement. Jantz ordered Banuelos detained until his adjacent quality connected March 21 successful a national courthouse successful Washington.

John Emanuel BanuelosJohn Emanuel Banuelos connected Jan. 6, 2021.U.S. Attorney for nan District of Columbia

A national charismatic based on during nan detention proceeding that Banuelos celebrated and endorsed his behaviour successful societal media posts since Jan. 6, and that he has untreated intelligence wellness and constituent maltreatment issues.

In their detention memo, national prosecutors said nan FBI recovered a BB-gun and a starter pistol successful a basement closet erstwhile they arrested Banuelos arsenic his mother's location past week. They noted that nan “recovered starter pistol appears to beryllium different than nan firearm fired connected January 6, 2021,” but that moreover if Banuelos had utilized a starter pistol during nan attack, that a starter pistol is still a firearm nether nan applicable statute.

John Emanuel BanuelosJohn Emanuel Banuelos connected Jan. 6, 2021.U.S. Attorney for nan District of Columbia

Federal prosecutors referred to Banuelos’ behaviour arsenic “mind-numbingly dangerous” and said location were nary conditions of merchandise that could protect nan community. They noted Banuelos’ extended criminal history, including a fatal stabbing successful Utah successful July 2021, months aft he was first identified to nan FBI. (Banuelos was not charged successful that lawsuit aft he claimed self-defense.)

“As nan mob overran officers, Banuelos climbed nan scaffolding into position of different rioters, removed nan firearm from his waistband, and fired 2 shots into nan air," prosecutors wrote. "This behaviour is mind-numbingly dangerous. Any number of life-threatening events could person transpired, e.g., nan threat of an progressive shooter astatine nan Capitol connected January 6 could person triggered a lethal consequence from rule enforcement aliases a stampede of different rioters. Fortunately, nary of these events came to pass, but nan truth that nary specified harm ensued does thing to mitigate nan seriousness of Banuelos’s actions."

More than 1,300 group person been charged successful relationship pinch nan onslaught connected nan U.S. Capitol, and prosecutors person secured much than 950 convictions to date. While galore low-level Jan. 6 defendants person been sentenced to probation, astir 500 defendants person been sentenced to periods of incarceration that person ranged from a fewer days down bars to 22 years successful national prison.

Banuelos is now among a mini fraction of Jan. 6 defendants — astir 2 twelve — who are presently being detained pre-trial owed to their consequence to nan organization aliases of flight.

This week, Trump vowed to "Free nan January 6 Hostages" arsenic 1 of his "first acts arsenic your adjacent President" successful January 2025, equating nan U.S. judicial strategy pinch violent organizations that prosecute successful hostage-taking. Hours later, Trump clinched nan Republican information for president.

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