Trump says TikTok is a national security threat, Facebook is 'enemy of the people'

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Former President Donald Trump said he believes TikTok is simply a nationalist information threat, but that he couldn't support Congress banning nan celebrated app because doing truthful would boost support for Facebook, which is nan "enemy of nan people."

Asked whether he believes TikTok is simply a nationalist information threat during an question and reply connected CNBC’s “Squawk Box” Monday morning, Trump said, “I do judge that.”

“I do judge it and we person to very overmuch admit we are protecting American people’s privateness and information rights,” he said.

Trump had initially supported efforts to prohibition nan app successful nan U.S., but recently reversed his support. Pressed connected why he flipped, Trump said he could person banned TikTok during his presidency, but near it up to Congress to do so.

“But arsenic you know, I was astatine nan constituent wherever I could person gotten it done if I wanted to. I should person said you guys decide, you make that determination because location are a batch of group who talk that emotion it," he said. "There are a batch of young kids connected TikTok who will spell crazy without it. There are a batch of users.”

Trump past based on that banning TikTok would lead to nan maturation of Facebook, which he slammed arsenic “enemy of nan people.”

“There’s a batch of bully and there’s a batch of bad pinch TikTok. But nan point I don’t for illustration is that without TikTok, you tin make Facebook bigger and I see Facebook to beryllium an force of nan group on pinch a batch of nan media," he said.

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