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Welcome to nan online type of From nan Politics Desk, an evening newsletter that brings you nan NBC News Politics team’s latest reporting and study from nan run trail, nan White House and Capitol Hill.

In today’s edition, elder nationalist governmental reporters Matt Dixon and Jonathan Allen study connected Donald Trump's plans to usage his clip successful nan courtroom for governmental gain. Plus, elder Washington analogous Hallie Jackson breaks looks up to nan moments erstwhile cardinal questions astir nan 2024 run will beryllium answered.

How Trump plans to usage his tribunal dates to his advantage

By Matt Dixon and Jonathan Allen

Donald Trump’s run is engineering a scheme to “make lemonade retired of lemons” arsenic a afloat docket of tribunal appearances are astir to swamp his governmental calendar. 

That reality was connected show Thursday, pinch Trump spending nan time successful a Florida courtroom as his lawyers based on that nan national criminal lawsuit involving his handling of classified documents should beryllium dismissed, a mobility nan judge denied. 

Moving forward, nan erstwhile president’s advisers show NBC News their strategy will impact trying to represent President Joe Biden arsenic personification attempting to “imprison” his governmental opponents, muddying nan waters betwixt Trump and Biden’s ineligible problems, creating counterprogramming events focused connected argumentation and yet pushing to hold nan tests for arsenic agelong arsenic possible.

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Trump’s first criminal trial, complete hush money payments to an big movie star, was group to statesman March 25. But Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said Thursday he was consenting to hold nan commencement of nan proceedings by 30 days aft Trump had requested a 90-day delay. 

Along pinch nan evident ineligible pitfalls, nan proceedings will person Trump successful courtrooms almost each time astatine slightest 4 days a week for upward of 8 weeks. It intends Trump will, astatine times, beryllium moving for president functionally connected a part-time basis.

On weekends betwixt proceedings days, Trump is expected to beryllium doing much policy-focused events, drafting contrasts betwixt his proposals and Biden’s record. On Wednesdays — nan 1 weekday without a tribunal day — Trump is expected to attraction connected fundraising.

The Trump squad besides plans to deploy much top-level run surrogates and summation attacks connected Biden complete issues specified arsenic immigration, his intelligence fitness, crime and nan economy.

Trump’s ineligible woes — which see dozens of abstracted charges crossed 4 abstracted indictments — served arsenic governmental rocket substance during nan GOP primary. When entering nan wide election, however, nan authorities of Trump’s ineligible predicaments go progressively murky.

Advisers judge that if they amplify attacks connected Biden successful an effort to create an equivalency betwixt Trump’s ineligible problems and Biden’s, they tin efficaciously muddy nan h2o pinch voters and successful nan process make nan ineligible issues — including those related to predetermination interference — a little important issue. 

“We do not moreover really request to triumph nan argument. We conscionable person to neutralize it,” 1 Trump advisor said. “If we do, nan decision-making calculus favors us.”

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The cardinal unanswered questions of nan Biden-Trump rematch

Analysis by Hallie Jackson

It’s presumptively, officially nan commencement of 1 of nan longest wide elections successful a generation: Trump v. Biden 2024. They’ve each deed their magic numbers, they’ve turned their occurrence connected each other, and multitudes of reporters are decamping to cardinal plaything states for vibe checks.

Are you shocked? Probably not, considering this is nan matchup politicos person been predicting for months. But arsenic our workfellow Savannah Guthrie likes to say, while it whitethorn beryllium a rematch, it’s not a replay. The polling looks different, nan economical scenery looks different, and moreover though we cognize a batch astir Biden and Trump, location are still immoderate cardinal questions astir nan 2024 title that person yet to beryllium answered.

As noted above, Trump’s unresolved ineligible issues stay a awesome wide predetermination mobility mark. Mark April 25 connected your calendar: That’s nan time nan Supreme Court will hear oral arguments complete whether Trump is immune from criminal charges successful his national predetermination interference case.

Not agelong aft that, we’ll beryllium barreling toward nan conventions. The Republican confab kicks disconnected July 15 successful Milwaukee, while nan Democrats will clasp theirs successful Chicago starting Aug. 19. Who will beryllium joining Trump connected shape this summertime remains a awesome chartless arsenic he mulls his moving mate options.

Then nan debates are typically held successful nan fall. After refusing to participate successful nan GOP superior debates and attacking nan committee that organizes nan wide predetermination debates, Trump is now saying he wants to spell toe-to-toe pinch Biden. But nan president has yet to perpetrate to debating Trump. 

Those successful nan Biden orbit person told maine often they don’t expect Americans to really commencement paying attraction en masse until aft Labor Day — we’ll see. And those adjacent to Trump constituent retired really his ineligible issues have, for months, helped him — we’ll see. For now, it’s Trump/Biden deja vu each complete again, astatine slightest until it’s not.

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