Trump posts $91 million bond and files notice to appeal in E. Jean Carroll case

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Attorneys for erstwhile President Donald Trump revenge charismatic announcement Friday they're appealing nan $83 cardinal defamation verdict awarded to writer E. Jean Carroll — and that they've posted nan $91 cardinal enslaved needed to support her from collecting while nan entreaty plays out.

The lawyers asked nan judge successful a court filing for an bid approving nan $91,630,000 enslaved and staying execution of Carroll's judgment.

The position of nan enslaved — and really overmuch money aliases collateral Trump put down — are unclear. The root of nan enslaved is nan Federal Insurance Company, a corp authorized to transact business successful New York. They are based successful Chesapeake, Virginia and New Jersey and nan institution appears to beryllium a subsidiary of Chubb Insurance Company. The archive is signed by nan erstwhile president. 

The filing came arsenic a astonishment because Trump's lawyers person many times asked nan judge for much clip to station nan enslaved and to trim nan amount. The enslaved was needed to forestall Carroll from moving to cod connected nan judgement during nan pendency of nan appeal, which could return months aliases moreover years. It's greater than nan magnitude of nan existent verdict to relationship for New York's 9% yearly liking rate.

The automatic enactment of nan judgement was group to expire Monday, astatine which constituent Carroll's attorneys could person moved to commencement collecting nan money she was awarded for Trump's having defamed her erstwhile he was president and past aft she received a abstracted $5 cardinal judgement against him past year.

Trump is facing a akin - and larger - rumor successful New York authorities court, wherever he was deed past period pinch a $464 cardinal civilian fraud judgment.

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