Trump likely to attend hearing in classified documents case on Thursday: court filing

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Former President Donald Trump is expected to be a proceeding Thursday successful nan national criminal lawsuit involving his handling of classified documents successful Florida, wherever his attorneys will reason nan lawsuit should beryllium thrown out.

Trump is not required to beryllium astatine nan proceeding successful Fort Pierce, but his lawyers indicated he and his 2 co-defendants would be successful a tribunal filing Monday, wherever they asked for other clip to respond to immoderate different outstanding motions successful nan case.

"The reasons for this petition are that (1) nan Defendants and counsel request to recreation to Fort Pierce anterior to March 14 successful bid to participate successful nan hearing, which is clip we would different usage to hole nan different reply submissions; (2) President Trump and counsel request to walk clip preparing for nan oral argument, which is clip we would different usage to hole nan different reply submissions," nan filing said.

They besides said that nan erstwhile president and his attorneys are preparing for nan March 25 commencement day of his New York criminal proceedings "and nan request to simultaneously give attraction to that lawsuit and this matter has been necessitated successful part" by nan "strategic scheduling demands of nan Special Counsel’s Office."  

A short clip aft their Monday filing, Trump’s attorneys revenge a abstracted 1 successful New York, seeking to person nan proceedings there delayed until Trump’s statesmanlike immunity claims are decided by nan U.S. Supreme Court. Trump's Florida filing did not mention nan petition he was making successful New York.

The Trump-appointed judge who's presiding complete nan Florida case, U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon, said nan Thursday proceeding is expected to return each day.

Trump’s ineligible squad and prosecutors from typical counsel Jack Smith's agency are expected to argue their positions connected whether immoderate aliases each of nan charges against Trump should beryllium thrown retired because of nan Presidential Records Act earlier nan lawsuit goes to trial. 

Smith has urged Cannon to cull Trump’s claims that his statesmanlike records “can beryllium transformed into ‘personal’ records” upon being removed from nan White House. 

The 2 sides will besides talk a 2nd mobility to disregard nan lawsuit connected nan mentation that nan main statute utilized against Trump is unconstitutionally vague arsenic it applies to presidents.

Trump faces dozens of criminal charges in nan case, including willful retention of nationalist defense information, mendacious statements and representations, conspiracy to obstruct justice, withholding a archive aliases grounds and corruptly concealing a document. He has pleaded not blameworthy to each counts.

The lawsuit is presently scheduled to spell to trial connected May 20, but Cannon is expected to push backmost nan proceedings date.

Trump, who did not be a proceedings successful writer E. Jean Carroll’s defamation lawsuit against him past year, has been appearing successful tribunal connected a much predominant ground successful caller months, moreover though he is often not required to.

He attended astir of a proceedings successful Carroll’s 2nd defamation lawsuit against him earlier this year, and precocious past twelvemonth attended respective days of nan monthslong civil fraud proceedings brought against him and his institution by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Dareh Gregorian

Dareh Gregorian is simply a authorities newsman for NBC News.