Trump floats 'cutting' retirement spending, drawing quick pushback from Biden

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Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump opened nan doorway Monday to “cutting” status spending programs for illustration Social Security and Medicare, drafting swift pushback from President Joe Biden and elevating a cardinal argumentation conflict successful nan 2024 election.

Phoning into CNBC's "Squawk Box," Trump was pressed connected really he plans to resoluteness nan semipermanent solvency problems of Social Security.

“So first of all, location is simply a batch you tin do successful position of entitlements, successful position of cutting,” Trump responded. “And successful position of, also, nan theft and nan bad guidance of entitlements — tremendous bad guidance of entitlements — there’s tremendous amounts of things and numbers of things you tin do.”

The erstwhile president didn’t get circumstantial astir really he’d alteration nan status programs, aliases what benignant of cuts he whitethorn activity if he's elected this fall. A Trump run spokesperson didn’t instantly respond to a petition for further details.

Biden’s run tweeted retired nan video and nan president responded quickly: “Not connected my watch.”

Social Security is projected to beryllium solvent done 2034. Medicare is solvent done 2028. After that, benefits nether nan programs will look automatic cuts unless argumentation changes are made to adhd gross aliases trim spending.

Biden has ruled retired use cuts to nan programs. In his State of nan Union speech past week, Biden said he'd "protect and fortify Social Security and make nan able salary their adjacent share."

"If anyone present tries to trim Social Security aliases Medicare aliases raise nan status age, I will extremity you," Biden said, presenting nan 2024 predetermination arsenic a prime betwixt his scheme versus cutting Social Security to "give much taxation breaks to nan wealthy."

“As nan President conscionable warned successful his State of nan Union address, Republican officials scheme to trim Medicare and Social Security,” White House spokesperson Andrew Bates said, adding that “today, successful his budget, President Biden honors his ironclad committedness by firmly opposing use cuts to Medicare and Social Security.”

Opposition to status use cuts unifies Democrats, galore of whom favour expanding Social Security benefits arsenic good arsenic adding dental, imagination and proceeding benefits to Medicare.

Republicans are much divided connected really to reside nan programs, pinch galore House GOP lawmakers supporting a budget that calls for lowering spending by raising nan Social Security eligibility property and calling for partial privatization of Medicare. But Trump has sought to position himself successful guidance to blimpish orthodoxy connected status spending, without getting circumstantial connected what he’d do.

On CNBC, nan erstwhile president said broadly.

“I cognize that they’re going to extremity up weakening Social Security because nan state is weak. I mean, return a look astatine extracurricular of nan banal marketplace ... we’re going done hell. People are going done hell,” Trump said, adding that nan mediate people has “been treated very, very severely pinch policy.”

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