Trump compares migrants to Hannibal Lecter in 'The Silence of the Lambs'

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Former President Donald Trump connected Monday compared migrants to nan characteristic Hannibal Lecter successful nan movie "The Silence of nan Lambs" arsenic he ramped up anti-immigrant rhetoric that has go a champion of his run remarks.

"They’re unsmooth people, successful galore cases from jails, prisons, from intelligence institutions, insane asylums," he said of migrants who participate nan state unlawfully. "You know, insane asylums, that’s 'Silence of nan Lambs' stuff."

“Hannibal Lecter, anybody cognize Hannibal Lecter?" he added to assemblage laughter during a lengthy question and reply pinch Right Side Broadcasting Network astatine Mar-a-Lago. "We don’t want ‘em successful this country.”

In nan 1991 movie, Hannibal Lecter is simply a serial slayer and a cannibal.

Trump has antecedently invoked nan movie erstwhile talking astir migrants, including references during past month's Conservative Political Action Conference and a January reside successful New Hampshire.

In Monday's interview, Trump further dehumanized migrants by comparing their languages to languages from Mars.

"We don’t moreover person teachers of immoderate of these languages. Who would deliberation that? We person languages that are, like, from, from nan satellite Mars?" Trump said. "Nobody, cipher knows really to, you know, speak it."

Trump besides falsely claimed that location are nary much sports successful cities that person seen an influx of migrants.

"We person children that are nary longer going to school. They’re throwing them retired of nan park. There’s nary much Little Leagues, there’s nary much sports, there’s nary much life successful New York and truthful galore of these cities," Trump said.

Cities including New York, Chicago and Denver person seen thousands of migrant arrivals successful nan past twelvemonth arsenic nan number of separator crossings has surged in caller months. President Joe Biden past week visited nan confederate separator on nan aforesaid time Trump was there, underscoring nan increasing value of migration successful nan 2024 race.

The Biden run connected Monday pounced connected Trump's comments astir sports successful that evening's interview, posting a clip of nan speech to X. The run has antecedently gone aft Trump complete his remarks that migrants are "poisoning nan humor of our country" by pointing retired how nan connection echoes that of Adolf Hitler, who utilized nan word "blood poisoning" successful his manifesto "Mein Kampf."

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