Trump co-defendant seeks to enter new testimony in effort to disqualify DA Fani Willis

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ATLANTA — An lawyer for 1 of erstwhile President Donald Trump’s co-defendants successful Georgia wants nan judge presiding complete a misconduct mobility against nan Fulton County territory lawyer to perceive grounds from a caller witnesser astir erstwhile DA Fani Willis began her romanticist narration pinch nan typical charismatic successful nan predetermination interference case.

In a tribunal filing Monday, attorneys for Trump co-defendant David Shafer said nan imaginable witness, a co-chief Deputy District Attorney pinch nan Cobb County DA’s office, had spoken pinch them astir conversations she’d had pinch Terrence Bradley, Wade’s erstwhile rule partner and divorcement attorney.

According to nan filing, Cindi Yeager informed nan attorneys that Bradley had told her nan narration betwixt Willis and Wade began earlier November 2021, erstwhile Wade was hired arsenic a typical charismatic successful nan Trump case.

The filing does not see a sworn affidavit from Yeager astir her conversations pinch Bradley, and there’s nary denotation she has immoderate individual knowledge of Willis and Wade’s relationship.

It is not clear what impact, if any, nan filing will person connected efforts to disqualify Willis from prosecuting nan predetermination interference case. Judge Scott McAfee held evidentiary hearings complete respective days past month, wherever some sides called witnesses to testify. He has truthful acold rebuffed requests from nan DA’s agency and nan defense broadside to reopen nan grounds successful nan case.

Yeager was ne'er subpoenaed aliases called to nan guidelines during past month’s hearings.

Trump and respective of his co-defendants reason that Willis has financially benefitted from hiring Wade arsenic typical charismatic successful nan case. They are now asking McAfee to region her from nan prosecution.

Both Willis and Wade person acknowledged a individual relationship, but testified that it did not statesman until 2022 — aft Wade began moving connected nan case.

In Monday's filing, Shafer attorneys Craig Gillen and Holly Pierson said that if nan judge reopens grounds pertaining to nan misconduct allegation, their customer would connection grounds from Yeager astir her conversations pinch Bradley betwixt August 2023 and January of this year.

Yeager, Shafer said, would attest that Bradley told her that Willis and Wade “had definitively begun a romanticist relationship” by nan clip that “Ms. Willis was moving for District Attorney successful 2019 done 2020,” and that Bradley “had individual knowledge of nan relationship.”

Bradley testified past week he had nary specified knowledge.

According to nan filing, Yeager would besides attest that connected 1 juncture erstwhile Bradley was successful her office, Willis called him “in consequence to an article that was published astir really overmuch money Mr. Wade and his rule partners had been paid successful this case. Ms. Yeager heard District Attorney Willis show Mr. Bradley: ‘They are coming aft us. You don’t request to talk to them astir thing astir us.’”

A spokesperson for Willis’ agency declined to remark connected nan caller filing. Willis and Wade person denied immoderate wrongdoing, and Adam Abbate of nan DA’s agency called nan misconduct allegations against Willis an effort “to impugn her reputation.”

McAfee said astatine nan conclusion of Friday's arguments complete nan allegations that he expects to rumor a ruling successful nan adjacent 2 weeks.

If Willis is removed because of nan misconduct allegations, her entire office would beryllium disqualified arsenic well. In specified a scenario, there’s a anticipation that nan predetermination interference lawsuit could extremity up successful Cobb County.

Blayne Alexander reported from Atlanta, and Dareh Gregorian reported from New York.

Blayne Alexander

Blayne Alexander is an NBC News correspondent, based successful Atlanta.

Dareh Gregorian

Dareh Gregorian is simply a authorities newsman for NBC News.

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