Trump calls GOP candidate with a history of offensive remarks 'Martin Luther King on steroids'

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Former President Donald Trump likened North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson to Martin Luther King Jr. successful an endorsement Saturday, contempt nan gubernatorial candidate’s agelong history of arguable comments astir homosexuality, belief and victims of intersexual abuse.

“This is Martin Luther King connected steroids,” Trump said of Robinson astatine a pre-Super Tuesday rally successful North Carolina.

“I told that to Mark. I said, I deliberation you’re amended than Martin Luther King. I deliberation you are Martin Luther King times two,” he continued arsenic he offered Robinson his endorsement successful nan Republican gubernatorial superior connected Tuesday.

Robinson has been a vocal protagonist of nan erstwhile president and first endorsed Trump for re-election successful June while speaking astatine nan Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference successful Washington, D.C.

Robinson, a pastor, is simply a polarizing figure, catching harsh disapproval for his past comments astir women, Muslims, Jewish group and members of nan LGTBQ community.

The favourite to unafraid nan North Carolina gubernatorial Republican information has, for example, insinuated that homosexuality is simply a stepping chromatic to pedophilia, harshly bullied schoolhouse shooting survivors who promoted gun-control reform, encouraged forms of Holocaust denialism and utilized antisemitic tropes.

In October, Robinson insisted he was not antisemitic and distanced himself from immoderate of his erstwhile societal media posts.

“There person been immoderate Facebook posts that were poorly worded connected my part,” he said in remarks earlier nan authorities Legislature, adding: “There is nary antisemitism opinionated present successful beforehand of you.”

In 2021, Robinson faced calls to resign for saying, “There’s nary logic anybody anyplace successful America should beryllium telling immoderate kid astir transgenderism, homosexuality, any of that filth.”

In response, he said he would “fight for” nan authorities of nan LGBTQ community.

“Let maine beryllium clear: I will conflict for and protect nan authorities of each citizens, including those successful nan LGBTQ organization to definitive themselves nevertheless they want,” he said astatine nan time. “That is their correct arsenic Americans, and I don’t deliberation nan authorities has immoderate domiciled successful telling them otherwise. However, nan thought that our children should beryllium taught astir concepts of transgenderism and beryllium exposed to sexually definitive materials successful nan classrooms is abhorrent.”

Donald TrumpFormer President Donald Trump arrives astatine a run rally successful Greensboro, N.C., connected Saturday.Chris Carlson / AP

Trump’s comments successful Greensboro marked astatine slightest nan 2nd clip he has likened nan arguable lieutenant politician to nan iconic civilian authorities leader.

“First, it was nan voice,” Trump said of Robinson successful a video posted online from an arena astatine Mar-a-Lago successful December. “And then, I said, ‘You cognize what, I swear, I deliberation you’re amended than Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,” Trump said.

Trump precocious faced backlash of his ain for comments he made while addressing nan Black Conservative Federation’s yearly gala successful South Carolina.

“I sewage indicted a 2nd clip and a 3rd clip and a 4th time, and a batch of group said that that’s why nan Black group for illustration me, because they person been wounded truthful severely and discriminated against, and they really viewed maine arsenic I’m being discriminated against,” he said.

Trump besides insinuated that nan Black organization uniquely embraced and connected pinch his mug changeable photo. His friends person launched an effort to effort to triumph complete much Black voters successful November.

Trump run spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt called Robinson “a awesome American who is good respected by nan group of North Carolina” successful a connection to NBC News.

“The mainstream media’s attacks connected African Americans who support President Trump is aged and exhausting,” she added, “but we expect them to summation arsenic polling proves much and much Black Americans are choosing to support Trump complete Biden.”

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