Truck driver charged after deadly 160-vehicle pileup amid 'super fog' conditions in Louisiana

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RESERVE, La. — A Louisiana motortruck driver has been charged pinch negligent homicide for his domiciled successful a fiery road pileup that near 8 dormant past twelvemonth aft a “super fog” of marsh occurrence fume and dense fog snared much than 160 vehicles, authorities said.

On Oct. 23, Ronald Britt was operating a motortruck astatine unsafe speeds connected Interstate 55 westbound of New Orleans erstwhile he slammed into nan backmost of a car that had stopped successful nan near lane down respective different vehicles progressive successful insignificant crashes, Louisiana State Police said successful a statement Tuesday. That collision killed 60-year-old James Fleming and earnestly injured his wife.

Britt, a 61-year-old commercialized motortruck driver from Lafayette, was arrested connected aggregate charges, including negligent homicide, negligent injuring, reckless cognition and different traffic-related offenses, authorities constabulary said.

Britt voluntarily surrendered to authorities Monday. It was chartless if he has an lawyer who could speak connected his behalf.

The Associated Press

The Associated Press