'Traitors' season 2 finale and reunion: Everything that went down

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WARNING: This article contains immoderate awesome spoilers. Don’t ballot america disconnected of your roundtable.

Faithful fans gathered to watch nan play finale of “The Traitors” connected Thursday evening to spot which of their favourite reality TV stars took location nan gold. 

The show, which streams connected Peacock, brought together 22 contestants from different genres of reality tv shows to compete for up to $250,000 successful a Scottish castle. 

The contestants are secretly assigned “faithful” aliases “traitor” titles. Faithfuls are tasked pinch banishing each traitors successful bid to get to divided nan prize money astatine nan end. Any traitors near successful nan crippled by nan extremity divided nan rate amongst themselves. (NBC News and Peacock are some units of NBCUniversal.)

While nan show has already seen occurrence overseas — it has U.K. and Australia versions — successful nan U.S., it was this 2nd play that became a must-watch aft picking up viral praise. The show spawned numerous memes and agreed fandoms of celebrated reality TV shows. Many online person described “Traitors” arsenic their latest campy obsession, honing successful connected their favourite formed members and nan eccentric outfits sported by big Alan Cumming.  

Executive shaper Mike Cotton described nan last section arsenic "really dramatic" and "heartstopping" successful an interview pinch Today.com, saying location are moments wherever he believes fans will "scream astatine nan TV."

Indeed, nan last section brought a batch of drama, and surprises. Here’s a round-up of nan biggest moments from nan finale — and nan explosive reunion that aired correct after.

One last 'kill'

THE TRAITORSThe formed of "The Traitors" play two.Peacock

Every nighttime successful “The Traitors” castle holds nan opportunity for “murder,” meaning traitors discreetly “kill off” faithfuls to beforehand successful nan game. By nan extremity of nan season, location was only 1 traitor left: Kate Chastain from “Below Deck.”

Five different formed members besides remained: Shereé Whitfield from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”; Chris “C.T.” Tamburello and Trishelle Cannatella from “The Challenge”; MJ Javid from “Shahs of Sunset”; and Sandra Diaz-Twine from “Survivor.” 

Chastain had aroused immoderate suspicion among her remaining castmates aft helping them banish her chap traitor and “RHOA” prima Phaedra Parks. In bid to divert attraction from her, she utilized her last termination to destruct Whitfield, different “RHOA” star.

“Below Deck” and “RHOA” are some aired connected nan Bravo Network. Cast members from Bravo shows typically stayed loyal to each different passim nan season. (NBC News and Bravo are some units of NBCUniversal.)

Some fans thought Whitfield was going to “accidentally” win, truthful immoderate were shocked erstwhile she was kicked disconnected early successful nan episode. 

A traitor successful nan basking seat

In bid for nan faithfuls to triumph nan game, they needed to successfully ballot retired Chastain. 

Chastain was still nan apical fishy among nan remaining faithfuls. Tamburello, Cannatella and Diaz-Twine agreed to ballot Chastain retired astatine nan last roundtable, wherever contestants ballot to banish an individual they deliberation is simply a traitor. Meanwhile, Chastain and Javid had decided to ballot retired Diaz-Twine. 

Right earlier nan banishment, Chastain convinced Tamburello that Diaz-Twine was a traitor and sewage him to flip his ballot astatine nan roundtable. This caused Cannatella to flip her ballot to spell on pinch nan remainder of nan group, but besides made her suspicious of Tamburello. 

During a heated information of accusations, Diaz-Twine expressed vexation that Chastain had “sowed nan seeds of distrust wrong nan group that I was moving with.” Diaz-Twine was yet banished — but revealed she was so a faithful.

Diaz-Twine was a favourite among fans, pinch some creating edits successful anticipation of her win. Her banishment was met pinch disappointment, arsenic group felt that she was "done dirty."

‘Fire of Truth’ reveals winner

After nan last roundtable, nan remaining 4 contestants were brought to a firepit, dubbed nan “Fire of Truth,” wherever they decided to banish again aliases extremity nan game. 

The mostly of nan group decided to banish personification again, and casted different ballot for who they believed was a traitor. Tamburello, Cannatella and Javid voted Chastain out, ridding nan crippled of its past traitor. 

But nan crippled did not extremity there. Tamburello and Cannatella some expressed their doubts that nan group had successfully banished each of nan remaining traitors. This caused different ballot among nan last 3 contestants. 

The ballot resulted successful a deadlock aft each subordinate received 1 ballot for banishment. In a astonishing move of events, Cannatella unsuccessfully voted to oust her state Tamburello. 

Tamburello and Cannatella had a tumultuous narration passim nan season, wavering successful their spot for each different astatine times. They had besides entered nan castle pinch a analyzable history aft experiencing highs and lows passim their various bouts connected reality TV together. Although Tamburello said he “never doubted” Cannatella, she had doubts successful him. 

After nan deadlock, nan players had to ballot again to break nan tie. Tamburello and Cannatella turned connected Javid, which she called “heartbreaking.” 

“It shouldn’t person ended this way,” Javid said. “That’s a crippled twist of a lifetime.”

Tamburello and Cannatella won nan show and divided nan prize money, which ended up being a full of $208,100.

While Tamburello was a fan-favorite, Cannatella was divisive among fans. Some online speculated that nan 2 of them banished Javid knowing that she was a faithful.

Tensions emergence astatine Andy Cohen-hosted reunion

Lingering hostility was addressed during nan reunion episode, which was released astatine nan aforesaid clip arsenic nan finale.

Host Cohen kicked disconnected nan section by revealing who won nan game. The last 4 players subsequently joined nan antecedently eliminated contestants. Javid appeared to beryllium disgruntled complete Tamburello and Cannatella's determination to ballot her out, saying nan players had "grifter energy."

"RuPaul's Drag Race" alum Peppermint, who was nan first subordinate to beryllium banished this season, besides shared her disappointment successful getting eliminated early successful nan game. Her elimination was led by victor Cannatella, who later expressed remorse for casting retired nan faithful. Peppermint, who is trans, antecedently shared that she went connected nan show to represent nan transgender community during a clip erstwhile trans authorities are under attack.

“It was upsetting to beryllium abruptly benignant of formed retired instantly," she said successful nan reunion. "I cognize that personification needs to beryllium nan first to spell connected a show for illustration this. But pinch nary proof, group person to trust connected nan biases that they bring into nan game, which extremity up targeting whoever’s nan astir different from nan group. And successful those situations, group for illustration maine don’t really fare very well.” 

Two traitors reside their beef

Perhaps nan astir anticipated reunion was nan 1 betwixt Parks and Dan Gheesling, who was besides a traitor. During a heated discussion, Parks called Gheesling a "piece of s---" for compromising her gameplay successful an effort to prevention himself from elimination.

"Survivor" prima Diaz-Twine said “a batch of america weren’t onto Phaedra until he said up.”

Gheesling was nan first traitor to beryllium banished this season. During nan roundtable chat wherever he was voted out, he accused Parks of being a traitor successful bid to get nan contestants to ballot for her instead.

Gheesling said he believed that "I can’t triumph this crippled pinch Phaedra successful it" and added that his gameplay "wasn't personal." Parks said she was still angry pinch him for trying to strategize against her.

Some fans online besides expressed that they remained upset pinch Gheesling for making Parks susceptible because they wanted her to win.

The winners measurement in

At nan extremity of nan reunion, Javid continued to definitive her vexation complete Tamburello and Cannatella's betrayal. She said she believed nan extremity "wasn’t astir nan money, it was astir loyalty."

Her remarks kicked disconnected a chat astir really stars from title shows versus different reality shows viewed nan game.

“If it came disconnected insensitive, I’m sorry," Tamburello told Javid during nan reunion. "Coming from personification who’s done this for truthful long, I’m a spot numb to this benignant of worldly for illustration a batch of america are, and this is your first existent title show.”

Host Cohen agreed that location was a "cultural quality betwixt group who travel from nan gaming shows and group who travel from nan different shows."

The reunion concluded pinch a connection from big Cumming, who told viewers: “The traitors will return.”

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