Timberwolves’ Rudy Gobert fined $100,000 for directing ‘money sign’ gesture toward referee

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The NBA fined Minnesota halfway Rudy Gobert $100,000 connected Sunday, 2 days aft he implied that referee Scott Foster was not calling games reasonably and further suggesting that gambling is having a detrimental impact on nan result of games.

The good is nan maximum that nan NBA could springiness nether position of nan corporate bargaining statement that went into spot past year, matching nan $100,000 good fixed to then-Philadelphia defender James Harden for his nationalist waste and acquisition request past fall.

Gobert was called for a method foul successful nan closing seconds of regularisation Friday nighttime successful the Timberwolves’ 113-104 overtime loss to nan Cleveland Cavaliers erstwhile he rubbed his fingers together respective times, nan alleged money motion that he directed toward Foster.

“I’ll wound nan slug again,” Gobert said aft that game. “I’ll beryllium nan bad guy. I’ll return nan fine, but I deliberation it’s hurting our game. I cognize nan betting and each that is becoming bigger and bigger, but it shouldn’t consciousness that way.”

The NBA said it recovered that Gobert directed “an inappropriate and unprofessional motion toward a crippled official, and publically (criticized) nan officiating.” In announcing nan fine, NBA executive vice president for hoops operations Joe Dumars said it “takes into relationship Gobert’s past instances of behaviour detrimental to nan NBA pinch respect to publically criticizing nan officiating.”

It is nan 4th clip Gobert has been fined for nationalist disapproval of officials. He is making $41 cardinal this season.

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The Associated Press