TikTok incentivizes creators to make money with longer videos

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More creators connected TikTok will soon beryllium capable to gain money done subscriptions and longer-form videos, nan app announced Tuesday.

The level connected Tuesday said it will grow its subscription feature, which presently enables creators to connection monthly subscriptions for livestreams only. That gives viewers subscriber badges connected their profiles, arsenic good arsenic civilization emotes, designed by nan creators they subscribe to, to usage successful LIVE chats. Creators tin besides move connected subscriber-only chats successful while streaming to interact only pinch their paid communities.

The expanded programme will let non-LIVE creators to monetize from subscriptions, arsenic well, TikTok said successful a news release. The characteristic will astatine first stay exclusive to those who are invited to effort it, but eligible non-LIVE creators will beryllium capable to motion themselves up successful nan coming weeks.

And, to bolster nan emergence successful long-form storytelling connected nan app, TikTok's Creativity Program — introduced past twelvemonth to reward creators for publishing longer videos — is scheduled to time off beta arsenic nan caller Creator Rewards Program. TikTok said nan programme will reward "high-quality, original" videos longer than 1 minute, judging contented based connected 4 cardinal areas: originality, play duration, hunt worth and assemblage engagement.

Users person embraced longer-form contented since nan app began allowing lengthier videos successful 2022, pinch TikTok reporting that viewers now walk much than half of their clip watching specified content.

"Longer videos person unleashed a wide scope of possibilities for our community, providing creators pinch added elasticity to definitive themselves and clasp imaginative state without limits," nan news merchandise said.

Total creator gross has accrued much than 250% nether nan beta Creativity Program successful nan past six months, TikTok wrote, and nan number of creators making $50,000 a period has astir doubled.

To thief creators amended understand their options, TikTok is besides upgrading its Creator Portal, its online hub of acquisition resources, to a much broad Creator Academy.

In nan adjacent respective weeks, TikTok wrote, nan caller hub will statesman offering informational articles, courses and videos successful 7 languages — covering specified topics arsenic contented creation skills and monetization tools.

At Wednesday's Creator Summit arena successful Los Angeles, complete pinch branded swag and flashy photograph opportunities, much than 300 creators spent nan time pinch TikTok's creator-focused team.

They mingled while proceeding from TikTok unit members and a sheet of creators astir really to strategize for longer contented formats, arsenic good arsenic really to navigate nan platform's monetization options.

Adam Presser, TikTok’s caput of operations, wrote successful an open letter to TikTok creators past week that their effect connected nan level has proven that "creativity is acold much than intermezo aliases self-expression."

"I still judge we are only opening to recognize nan afloat imaginable of nan TikTok platform," he wrote. "Our early will beryllium driven by nan bonzer contributions of creators who animate and entertain, bring america together crossed generations and geographies, make america laughter and move america to tears."

Angela Yang

Angela nan is simply a civilization and trends newsman for NBC News.