Three dead after severe weather hits Indiana trailer park

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Three group are dormant aft terrible upwind struck a trailer parkland successful Winchester, Indiana, connected Thursday evening, authorities constabulary said.

No much specifications were instantly disposable from police, who confirmed 3 died successful nan parkland connected N. Cash Drive.

Tornado watches covered a set of nan United States from northeast Texas, crossed parts of Arkansas, crossed portion of Indiana, and into Ohio connected Thursday night, according to nan National Weather Service.

Winchester's authorities announced connected societal media conscionable earlier 8 p.m. that location was a tornado warning, sirens were activated, and to "Please find shelter!"

Randolph County emergency officials warned that a confirmed tornado was connected nan ground, was adjacent Winchester astatine 7:56 p.m. and was moving astatine 40 mph.

The Randolph County Sheriff's Office said connected societal media that location is "heavy large wind damage" and urged group to debar nan Winchester area arsenic emergency crews responded.

The upwind work said connected a large wind reporting website that location is harm successful Winchester, which is apt from a tornado, but a tornado has not been confirmed. Survey teams often corroborate tornadoes later aft visiting scenes of damage.

There was besides harm successful Selma, a mini organization westbound of Winchester, including downed character limbs and powerfulness lines and harm to structures, video of nan segment from NBC connection WTHR of Indianapolis showed.

More than 13 cardinal group successful nan U.S. were nether tornado watches Thursday night, according to nan upwind service.

Winchester is simply a municipality of astir 4,800, located astir 65 miles northeast of Indianapolis, adjacent to nan Ohio border.

There were besides reports of tornadoes and harm successful Mercer and Logan counties successful Ohio, according to nan upwind service. In Lakeview, Ohio, buildings were reported destroyed.

In Huron County, Ohio, emergency officials reported a tornado an estimated half-mile wide crossing a highway, according to that study connected nan upwind service's storm reports website.

Phil Helsel

Phil Helsel is simply a newsman for NBC News.