The Super Tuesday races that remain uncalled around the country

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Most of nan large Super Tuesday primaries person a clear victor astatine this constituent — but a fistful of adjacent races are still successful limbo a time aft voting concluded.

That includes a brace of cardinal plaything seats successful nan title for nan House, a awesome proxy conflict betwixt different wings of nan Republican Party, nan conflict complete who will switch erstwhile Speaker Kevin McCarthy successful nan House and a number of different important races.

Here’s a look astatine nan cardinal races astir nan state wherever nan NBC News Decision Desk hasn’t yet projected a winner. This postulation of notable House primaries is concentrated successful California, wherever wide take of message voting and a agelong post-election processing play often lead to slow counting of votes.

The battleground seats

California 22nd District primary

Republican Rep. David Valadao’s re-election title successful nan Central Valley could beryllium 1 of nan most competitory battles successful nan full House successful 2024 — unless Republicans are capable to unopen retired Democrats from making nan wide ballot. That’s nan intrigue successful this seat, wherever there’s nary projection pinch half nan ballot in.

California’s nonpartisan superior puts each campaigner connected nan aforesaid ballot, pinch nan apical 2 moving connected to a wide predetermination sloppy of party. In this district, Valadao is starring nan battalion pinch 34% support, followed by erstwhile Democratic Assemblyman Rudy Salas astatine 28%, erstwhile Fresno City Councilman Chris Mathys, a Republican, astatine 22% and Democratic authorities Sen. Melissa Hurtado astatine 15%.

Democrats knocked disconnected Valadao successful 2018, only to spot him travel backmost successful 2020 and triumph again successful 2022. But if he and Mathys are nan ones who advance, Democrats won’t moreover get nan chance to flip nan spot this cycle.

California 47th District primary

Another key battleground for nan fall, this Orange County spot is unfastened because of Democratic Rep. Katie Porter’s unsuccessful Senate bid. And it’s 1 that’s nary alien to marquee wide predetermination races.

There’s presently nary projection successful this spot pinch almost two-thirds of nan ballot in. Scott Baugh, nan Republican who mislaid to Porter successful 2022 by less than 10,000 votes, leads pinch 33% of nan superior vote, followed by 2 Democrats, authorities Sen. Dave Min and lawyer Joanna Weiss.

The safe bluish and reddish seats

North Carolina 8th District GOP primary

Republican Mark Harris is moving for Congress again, six years aft nan predetermination pursuing a erstwhile legislature run was tossed out, pinch 1 of Harris’ consultants accused of wide ballot fraud. At nan time, Harris yet agreed pinch nan decision to bid a caller election, but he’s now moving by painting himself arsenic nan victim.

In North Carolina, a first-place campaigner tin triumph a superior outright arsenic agelong arsenic they eclipse 30% of nan ballot — but if nary campaigner hits that threshold, nan apical 2 finishers move connected to a runoff. Harris is presently dancing correct connected that line, astatine 30.4% support, pinch 97% of nan expected ballot in.

Outside groups funded by establishment-aligned Republican megadonors have spent astir $2 cardinal against Harris, who has been backed by nan governmental limb of nan right-wing House Freedom Caucus. The victor of nan GOP superior will beryllium heavy favored to subordinate Congress adjacent year, fixed nan Republican thin of nan district.

California 20th District primary

A crowded group of predominantly Republican candidates are looking to switch erstwhile Speaker Kevin McCarthy successful nan House, aft he resigned precocious past twelvemonth pursuing his ouster from nan speakership.

NBC News’ Decision Desk projects that Republican authorities Assemblyman Vince Fong — who is backed by McCarthy and erstwhile President Donald Trump, among others — will move connected to nan wide election. But there’s nary projection connected his force yet pinch astir half nan vote. Republican Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux and Democratic coach Marisa Wood are acold and distant nan adjacent highest vote-getters, meaning 2 very different types of wide predetermination contests are possible.

Texas 32nd District Democratic primary

The title to switch Democratic Rep. Colin Allred successful nan House, arsenic he leaves his bluish territory to tally for Senate, is besides 1 that hinges connected a authorities runoff rule. In Texas, nan apical 2 superior candidates compete successful a runoff unless nan first-place finisher exceeds 50% support. And authorities Rep. Julie Johnson sits astatine 50.4% of nan Democratic superior vote, pinch 99% in.

Johnson, who is backed by a fistful of cardinal progressive groups and authorities lawmakers, will move onto nan wide predetermination and beryllium nan prohibitive favourite to triumph a House spot if she stays supra 50%. But if not, she’ll apt gaffe into a runoff against Brian Williams, a trauma surgeon who has been a vocal proponent of caller weapon laws and has been backed by salient gun-safety groups.

California 12th District primary

Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee is leaving her Bay Area spot unfastened aft making an unsuccessful Senate bid. While NBC News projects that Democrat Lateefah Simon, who sits connected nan Bay Area Rapid Transit board, will move connected to that wide election, it’s unclear who her force will be.

Jennifer Tran, a professor astatine Cal State East Bay, and Alameda Council personnel Tony Daysog are successful 2nd and 3rd respectively arsenic of Wednesday morning, pinch conscionable 21% of nan ballot in. Both of them are Democrats, meaning nan deep-blue spot could spot a Democrat-versus-Democrat wide election.

California 30th District primary

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff near nan spot unfastened to make his Senate bid, and nan Los Angeles-area territory is overwhelmingly Democratic, truthful nan bid of nan candidates’ decorativeness present matters. It will determine whether a Democrat will beryllium nan dense favourite successful a wide predetermination against a Republican, aliases whether 2 Democrats will duke it retired caput to caput for a spot successful Congress.

Democratic authorities Rep. Laura Friedman is nan starring vote-getter truthful far, pinch 27%, pinch astir half nan ballot in. She’s backed by nan state’s lieutenant governor, on pinch a fistful of members of Congress successful nan state. Alex Balekian, a Republican doctor, is adjacent astatine 21%, followed by 2 Democrats, authorities Sen. Anthony Portantino and Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer.

California 31st District primary

This is different deep-blue territory being vacated by a Democratic incumbent (this time, Rep. Grace Napolitano) — and it sparked different crowded title to switch her.

With 66% of nan ballot in, erstwhile Democratic Rep. Gil Cisneros has a constrictive lead complete nan field. But he’s followed intimately by 2 Republicans, Daniel Martinez and Pedro Antonio Casas, who some beryllium wrong 2% of Cisneros arsenic of Wednesday morning.

If 1 of those Republicans advance, Cisneros would go an moreover heavier favourite successful this blue-tinted Southern California district.

Ben Kamisar

Ben Kamisar is simply a lawman governmental editor successful NBC's Political Unit.