‘The Brothers Sun’ canceled by Netflix after one season

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Netflix has brought nan curtain down connected the Michelle Yeoh crime play “The Brothers Sun” aft 1 season.

The bid revolving astir Taiwanese organized crime and group successful Southern California’s San Gabriel Valley premiered Jan. 4 connected Netflix’s world platform. The bid was created and executive produced by Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu.

In summation to Oscar-winner Yeoh, “Brothers Sun” besides starred Justin Chien, Sam Song Li, Highdee Kuan and Joon Lee. News of nan cancellation was first reported by Deadline.

The bid had an eight-episode run. Chein played a Taiwanese mobster who heads to Los Angeles area to protect his estranged mother aft his begetter is assassinated successful Taipei. Yeoh, who won nan champion character Oscar past twelvemonth for “Everything Everywhere All astatine Once,” received beardown reviews for her activity successful nan series.

Variety TV professional Aramide Tinubu called Yeoh “cutthroat and commanding” and declared nan bid to beryllium “a thrilling, superb dramedy astir familial obligations, buried skeletons and nan bonds that tin ne'er beryllium broken.” Tinubu besides observed: “Though it provides Yeoh a showcase that she’s much than earned, nan bid besides introduces Chien and Li arsenic 2 mega talents who will undoubtedly proceed to grace our screens.”

Other executive producers see Mikkal Bondesen and Kevin Tancharoen, who directed nan series’ first episode. Additional formed members included Alice Hewkin, Jon Xue Zhang, Jenny nan and Madison Hu.

The short life of “The Brothers Sun” could beryllium different motion of really moreover starry bid projects are being intimately evaluated astatine a clip erstwhile streamers, studios and awesome networks are reassessing wide contented expenditures.

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