The 4 Big Questions the Pentagon's New UFO Report Fails to Answer

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But what, then, were those programs? Herein lies nan astir intriguing—and perchance ground-breaking—question that nan Pentagon study leaves america wondering: What precisely are nan concealed compartmentalized programs that nan whistleblowers and authorities witnesses misidentified arsenic being related to UAP technology? What, exactly, are nan Pentagon, intelligence community, aliases defense contractors moving connected that, from a concentric circle aliases 2 distant wrong nan shadowy world of SAPs, looks and sounds for illustration reverse-engineering out-of-this-world exertion aliases moreover studying alleged “non-human biologics?”

There are astatine slightest 4 clear possibilities.

Secret Tech From Foreign Nations

First, what exotic technological possibilities person been recovered from chartless terrestrial sources? For example, if nan authorities is moving connected reverse-engineering technologies, those technologies are apt from precocious adversary nation-states for illustration China, Russia, and Iran, and possibly moreover quasi-allies for illustration Israel that whitethorn beryllium much constricted successful their exertion sharing pinch nan US. What person different countries mastered that we haven’t?

A Question of ‘Peculiar Characteristics’

Second, what technologies has nan US mastered that nan nationalist doesn’t cognize about? One of nan communal threads of UFO sightings crossed decades person been concealed subject craft and spacecraft successful improvement aliases not yet publically acknowledged. For example, nan CIA estimated that nan U-2 spy level successful nan 1950s accounted for arsenic overmuch arsenic half of reported UFO sightings. And nan AARO study spends a half-dozen pages documenting really disorder complete consequent generations of concealed US authorities craft look to person besides contributed to nan awesome intergalactic crippled of telephone of UFO programs wrong nan government, including modern Predator, Reaper, and Global Hawk drones. AARO investigated 1 declare wherever a witnesser reported proceeding a erstwhile US subject work personnel had touched an extraterrestrial spacecraft, but erstwhile they tracked down nan work member, he said that nan speech was apt a garbled type of nan clip he touched an F-117 Nighthawk stealth combatant astatine a concealed facility.

There are surely different concealed trade still successful testing and improvement now, including nan B-21 stealth bomber, which had its first trial flight past November and is now successful testing astatine Edwards Air Force Base successful California, arsenic good arsenic others we don’t cognize about. The authorities tin still astonishment america pinch chartless craft—like nan until-then chartless modified stealthy helicopter near down connected nan Pakistan ambush to termination Osama bin Laden. And immoderate of these still-classified efforts are apt causing UFO disorder too: AARO untangled 1 witness’s declare of spotting a UAP pinch “peculiar characteristics” astatine a circumstantial clip and spot and were capable to determine, “at nan clip nan interviewee said he observed nan event, DoD was conducting tests of a level protected by a SAP. The seemingly unusual characteristics reported by nan interviewee lucifer intimately pinch nan platform’s characteristics, which was being tested astatine a subject installation successful nan clip framework nan interviewee was there.” So what was that craft—and what were its “peculiar characteristics?”

Relatedly, nan US subject has a classified spaceship, nan X-37B, that has regularly orbited astir nan Earth since its first ngo successful 2010—it conscionable blasted disconnected connected its seventh and most caller mission successful December—and its previous, sixth, ngo lasted a record-breaking 908 days successful orbit. The Pentagon has said remarkably small astir what it does up location for years astatine a time. What concealed space-related aliases aviation-related programs is nan authorities moving that outsiders confuse arsenic alien spacecraft?

A Material Matter

The 3rd apt area of tech improvement that mightiness look to outsiders to beryllium UFO-related is much speculative basal investigation and development: What propulsion systems aliases material-science breakthroughs are defense contractors astatine activity connected correct now that could toggle shape our corporate future? Again, AARO recovered specified disorder taking place: After 1 witnesser reported proceeding that “aliens” had observed 1 concealed authorities test, AARO traced nan allegation backmost to find “the speech apt referenced a trial and information portion that had a nickname pinch ‘alien’ connotations astatine nan circumstantial installation mentioned. The quality of nan trial described by nan interviewee intimately matched nan explanation of a circumstantial materials trial conveyed to AARO investigators.” So what materials were being tested there?

There are immoderate puzzling materials-science breadcrumbs wrapped passim nan AARO report. It recovered 1 lawsuit wherever “a backstage assemblage statement claimed to person successful its possession worldly from an extraterrestrial trade recovered from a clang astatine an chartless location from nan 1940s aliases 1950s. The statement claimed that nan worldly had nan imaginable to enactment arsenic a THz wave waveguide, and therefore, could grounds ‘anti-gravity’ and ‘mass reduction’ properties nether nan due conditions.” Ultimately, though, nan caller study concluded, “AARO and a starring subject laboratory concluded that nan worldly is simply a metallic alloy, terrestrial successful nature, and perchance of USAF [US Air Force] origin, based connected its materials characterization.”

A Knowledge Limit

Fourth and lastly is nan class of nan genuinely weird: Scientists astatine nan forefront of physics constituent retired that we should beryllium humble astir really small of nan beingness we genuinely understand; arsenic Harvard astronomy chair Avi Loeb explains, efficaciously each that we’ve learned astir relativity and quantum physics has unfolded successful nan span of a azygous quality lifespan, and astounding caller discoveries proceed to amaze scientists. Just past summer, scientists announced they’d detected for nan first clip gravitational waves criss-crossing nan universe that rippled done space-time, and astrophysicists proceed to fishy that nan beingness is acold weirder than we think. (Italian astrophysicist Carlo Rovelli past twelvemonth posited nan beingness of “white holes” that would beryllium related to achromatic holes, which, he pointed out, were still a enigma conscionable 25 years agone erstwhile he was starting his career.)

Answers present could beryllium almost unfathomably weird—think parallel dimensions aliases nan expertise to recreation astatine a fraction of nan velocity of light. And 1 of nan astir intriguing questions near by nan UAP “game of telephone” is whether location are genuinely astounding advances successful physics that authorities scientists, defense contractors, aliases investigation laboratories aliases centers could beryllium emotion astir that could besides look from nan extracurricular to beryllium UFO-related.