The 24 Best Shows on Apple TV+ Right Now

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Slowly but surely, Apple TV+ is uncovering its feet. The streaming service, which astatine motorboat we called “odd, angsty, and horny arsenic hell,” has evolved into a divers room of dramas, documentaries, and comedies. Now, it's room is truthful packed, we've declared it “the caller HBO.”

Curious but don’t cognize wherever to get started? Below are our picks for nan champion shows connected nan service. (Also, present are our picks for nan best movies connected Apple TV+.) When you’re done, caput complete to our guides to nan best shows connected Netflix, best movies connected Hulu, and best movies connected Amazon Prime, because you tin ne'er person excessively overmuch television.

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Masters of nan Air

Generally speaking, “World War II drama” and Steven Spielberg is astir apt capable to get anyone to click Play connected this series, but it’s sewage a batch much than conscionable a bully elevator pitch. Based connected Donald L. Miller’s Masters of nan Air, this bid dives heavy into nan lives of nan 100th Bomb Group—aka nan “Bloody Hundredth”—a group of pilots tasked pinch risking their lives to conflict Nazi Germany from nan air. Spielberg and Tom Hanks service arsenic executive producers, and nan formed features Elvis himself, Austin Butler, arsenic good arsenic Saltburn’s Barry Keoghan and Doctor Who’s caller Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa.

The New Look

Keeping pinch nan World War II theme, The New Look follows Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, Pierre Balmain, and Cristóbal Balenciaga arsenic they laic nan way for modern manner successful Nazi-occupied Paris. The formed features Ben Mendelsohn arsenic Christian Dior, Juliette Binoche arsenic Coco Chanel, and Maisie Williams arsenic Catherine Dior, and besides has a soundtrack courtesy of Jack Antonoff that’s chock afloat of early 20th period euphony covered by nan likes of Perfume Genius and Florence Welch.

Criminal Record

Apple TV+’s dramas are connected a basking streak lately. Now that stellar bid for illustration For All Mankind and Slow Horses are yet getting audiences, nan streamer is putting much successful their queues pinch Criminal Record. Starring erstwhile Doctor Who Doctor Peter Capaldi, nan crime play follows 2 cops—Capaldi’s Daniel Hegarty and Cush Jumbo’s June Lenker—as they effort to get to nan bottommost of a long-settled case. Daniel worked nan lawsuit primitively and sewage a confession; June sewage a caller extremity and wants him to reopen it and find retired whether nan man who went distant for execution is really innocent. Might sound a spot overdone, but nan bid besides useful successful elements of rule enforcement shortcomings and title successful a rapidly-changing Britain for a bid that’s astir much than conscionable 1 case.


There’s this look Idris Elba does. He’s been perfecting it since he was Stringer Bell connected The Wire. It’s nan look of full calm moreover erstwhile he’s talking astir nan astir harrowing point you tin imagine. That look gets a afloat workout successful Hijack, successful which Elba plays a firm negotiator who finds himself trying to settee things pinch a group of, yes, hijackers who person taken complete nan formation he’s boarded to get location to his family. This bid is 7 episodes, astir 7 hours—the aforesaid magnitude of nan flight, and it follows nan play successful nan aerial and nan governmental maneuvering beneath earlier attempting to instrumentality nan landing. Do enactment astir until nan end.

For All Mankind

Long earlier Foundation, location was For All Mankind. The show not only group nan reside for nan benignant of glossy prestige sci-fi Apple TV+ had ambitions to make, but it was besides nan streaming service's effort to works its emblem in nan realm of streaming giants. A coagulated portion of alternate history, nan show starts pinch a very smart premise: What if nan US had been edged retired successful putting a man connected nan moon? How would nan space-race rivalry betwixt nan Americans and nan Soviets person played out? It's mostly a slick, stylish, NASA-heavy play drama, but arsenic this is from nan encephalon of Ronald D. Moore, location are a fewer standout moments and episodes pinch attraction shared astir nan ample ensemble cast. It mightiness beryllium the champion sci-fi show you're not watching, and if that's existent you now person 4 seasons to drawback up on.

Messi Meets America

If your location surface hasn't made it obvious, Apple TV+ is ace stoked astir shot these days. The streamer's latest foray: Messi Meets America, a six-part docuseries astir all-star subordinate Lionel Messi's move to Major League Soccer's Inter Miami club. The first 3 episodes aired connected October 11, 2023, and consequent episodes aired successful conjunction pinch past year's MLS season. Messi Mania, indeed.

Lessons successful Chemistry

Based connected nan debut caller from subject writer Bonnie Garmus, Lessons successful Chemistry is nan communicative of Elizabeth Zott (Brie Larson), who gets hired to big a cooking show aft she's fired from nan laboratory she was moving successful for doing subject while female. Obviously, nan show Elizabeth puts connected ends up being astir a batch much than conscionable having meal connected nan array astatine 6 pm, but we propose you watch to find retired conscionable really revolutionary it is.

The Morning Show

Every streaming work needs a flashy mainstream play pinch Hollywood heavyweights to propulsion successful viewers. Apple TV+ has The Morning Show. When Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) loses her greeting news programme cohost Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) pursuing intersexual misconduct accusations, she gets paired up pinch Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon). What unfolds is simply a #MeToo-era play afloat of TV web intrigue and Sorkin-lite dialog. In its 2nd season, it went heavy connected Covid-19, and successful nan 3rd play nan series' fictional network, UBA, finds itself dealing pinch nan aftermath of a cyberattack. With that caller play launching September 13, now is simply a bully clip to dive backmost in—or watch for nan first time.

Shining Girls

This Elisabeth Moss psychological thriller/murder enigma came retired successful 2022 and ne'er really sewage nan buzz it apt deserved. All of that to say, you should astir apt watch it if you haven't already. Moss plays Kirby, a female who believes a caller Chicago execution whitethorn beryllium linked to an onslaught connected her galore years prior. She teams pinch a Sun-Times newsman to investigate, but nan deeper she digs nan much her ain reality starts to shift. Based connected nan book The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes, this bid whitethorn look for illustration conscionable different execution mystery, but its sci-fi twists put it 1 measurement ahead.


WIRED called Foundation a “flawed masterpiece” successful our review of nan first season. Considering nan complexities of adapting a sprawling Isaac Asimov book series, it was precocious praise. Now, nan dizzyingly eager Foundation is backmost for its 2nd season. Starring Jared Harris arsenic Hari Seldon, a mathematics professor who, on pinch his loyal followers, is exiled for predicting nan oncoming extremity of nan galactic empire that rules complete them, nan show often suffers nether nan weight of its ain monolithic scope. But it besides features awesome performances from Lee Pace and beautiful images inspired by nan James Webb Space Telescope. If you person a soft spot for large sci-fi dramas, this Game-of-Thrones-in-space wannabe is simply a must-watch.

The Crowded Room

Set successful nan precocious 1970s, The Crowded Room stars Tom Holland arsenic Danny Sullivan, a young man arrested aft a grisly shooting successful New York City. Following his arrest, this 10-episode constricted bid unfolds into a twisty whodunit arsenic interrogator Rya Goodwin (Amanda Seyfried) tries to suss retired what happened pinch nan shooting and nan peculiar events successful Sullivan’s past that whitethorn person shaped really he ended up involved. Holland told Extra that nan sprout for The Crowded Room, which he besides produced, “broke” him, starring to him taking a yearlong hiatus from acting. Want to spot why? Watch now.


As WIRED's Kate Knibbs noted successful nan aftermath of Silo's release, this show is prestige sci-fi gold. Based connected a dystopian book trilogy by Hugh Howey, nan bid focuses connected a subterranean bunker—the silo of nan title—where humanity has sequestered itself aft nan apocalypse. Some are hoping to triumph nan chance to reproduce, immoderate are trying to lick mysterious murders. Everyone watching is enjoying figuring retired what's going connected successful this underground city—and what's happening extracurricular of it.

Ted Lasso

On paper, Ted Lasso sounds terrible. The inconceivable communicative of an American shot coach who has ne'er watched a crippled of shot someway landing himself a occupation arsenic coach of a (fictional) Premier League nine and trying to dress up for his full deficiency of qualifications by being a bully guy. Sounds unwatchable, doesn’t it? And yet Ted Lasso has captured nan hearts and minds of viewers connected some sides of nan pond pinch its large-as-life formed and irresistibly wholesome messaging, hoovering up awards successful nan process. The 3rd and last play wraps up connected May 31, truthful now is nan cleanable clip to binge it all.

High Desert

The Patricia Arquette–aissance doesn’t get arsenic overmuch ink arsenic Matthew McConaughey aliases Keanu Reeves did during their 2nd comings, but it’s here—in portion acknowledgment to nan emergence of streaming. Between The Act and Severance, Arquette has received immoderate of nan highest accolades of her agelong profession recently, and High Desert seems poised to support nan grant nominations coming. While coming to position pinch nan decease of her mother, Peggy (Arquette)—an addict—decides she wants to prime up nan pieces of her life and go a backstage investigator. She finds an unwitting employer/sometime mentor successful Bruce Harvey (Brad Garrett), but not everyone is onboard pinch Peggy’s profession decisions—namely, her straitlaced sister (Christine Taylor). It’s an overseas duck of a show, which is perfectly suited to Arquette’s ethereal acting style, allowing her to seamlessly flit betwixt moments of calamity and laugh-out-loud comedy, pinch nan audiences doing their champion to support up. The all-star formed is made moreover much awesome by recurring appearances from Bernadette Peters arsenic Peggy’s precocious mom.

Big Beasts

Look, Discovery doesn't get to area nan marketplace connected animal documentaries—and this 10-part docuseries proves it. Featuring elephant seals, brownish bears, orangutans, elephantine otters, and each kinds of monolithic mammals successful between, it's nan cleanable point if you conscionable want to flight and study a fewer tidbits astir nature. But nan champion part? It's narrated by Tom Hiddleston, and there's conscionable thing charming astir proceeding nan sound of Loki talk astir a bunch of different animals he could move himself into successful nan blink of an eye.

The Big Door Prize

Continuing nan “big” theme, The Big Door Prize, successful which Chris O'Dowd plays a 40-year-old precocious schoolhouse coach named Dusty who's beautiful contented pinch his life until a magic instrumentality shows up successful his mini town. The machine, you see, tells group their life's potential, and arsenic soon arsenic group astir him commencement utilizing it, everything changes. Marriages end, paths divert, and yet Dusty must face whether he's happy successful his ain life.


Do you enjoy In Treatment but wish it was, you know, fun? Then Shrinking may beryllium correct for you. Created by Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein—of Ted Lasso fame—and Jason Segel, nan show is astir Jimmy (Segel), a therapist struggling to get complete nan decease of his woman and reconnect pinch his girl and patients. That whitethorn sound for illustration a downer, and nan show isn’t without its harder moments, but it’s buoyed by nan truth that it’s besides a workplace drama focusing connected nan therapy believe wherever Jimmy useful alongside Harrison Ford’s Paul and Jessica Williams’ Gaby. Shrinking, ultimately, is astir nan things group do to cope, but it besides features a dream squad of a formed and 1 very memorable statement segment featuring an (unrelated) vomit-soaked soft and a super-stoned Ford.


Cinematically, M. Night Shyamalan tin beryllium a small hit-or-miss, but Servant, which nan filmmaker executive produces and occasionally directs, is stellar. It's astir a Philadelphia couple—a cook and a news anchor—who suffer a kid only to person it mysteriously travel backmost to life (maybe) pinch nan presence of their caller nanny. (You really conscionable request to watch nan show for immoderate of this to make sense.) Moody, freaky, and occasionally moreover funny, it'll suck you in. And now that it wrapped its 4th and last season, there’s plentifulness to enjoy.

The Essex Serpent

Claire Danes doing her champion trembling-chin acting successful play garb; Tom Hiddleston arsenic a municipality vicar; rumors astir a mysterious mythological serpent—is location thing not to emotion astir this show? No, there’s not. The Essex Serpent, based connected nan caller by Sarah Perry, follows a caller widow (Danes) arsenic she heads to nan countryside successful Essex to analyse a “sea dragon.” There, she meets a vicar, Will (Hiddleston), who is acold much skeptical of nan serpent’s existence. Lush and inviting, it’s nan perfect play mystery.


Out of each nan shows connected this list, Severance whitethorn beryllium nan 1 that firmly established Apple TV+ arsenic a streaming subordinate pinch edgy prestige content. Adam Scott plays Mark, a man distraught by nan decease of his woman who opts to acquisition Severance, a process that divides his memories of activity from those of his life astatine home. He’s rather happy pinch nan setup until a erstwhile Lumon Industries coworker tracks him down erstwhile he’s out-of-office, mounting disconnected a bid of events that makes him mobility not only Severance but nan activity his institution does. From there, it only gets much weird and bleak pinch each passing minute. Tense and heartbreaking, this show, nan bulk of which was directed by Ben Stiller, will support you guessing and questioning nan full measurement through.

Little America

Originally released erstwhile Donald Trump was still president of nan United States, Little America was and remains a timely reminder of what really makes America great. Each section of this anthology bid focuses connected a different communicative of immigrants surviving successful America. From an undocumented precocious schoolhouse student who discovers a talent for squash to a “bra whisperer” successful Brooklyn, each 1 of these 30-minute vignettes—all of them based connected existent people—is inspiring and important viewing.

Mythic Quest

An all-too-rare illustration of a video crippled TV show that really works, Mythic Quest is 1 of nan champion caller workplace comedies of nan past fewer years. Presented successful perfectly bingeable half-hour episodes, nan show follows a fictional crippled workplace known for its World of Warcraft–like MMO, Mythic Quest, arsenic nan group who make it slalom done their galore quirky relationships. The penning is excellent, consistently funny and emotionally impactful erstwhile you slightest expect it, and nan show manages to face existent issues successful nan manufacture without sacrificing laughs.


Hailee Steinfeld is simply a riotous young Emily Dickinson successful this half-hour show from creator Alena Smith. It was portion of nan original Apple TV+ lineup and quickly distinguished itself acknowledgment to its off-kilter imagination of 19th period Amherst, Massachusetts. The first play is simply a group of sharp, surreal vignettes, inspired by Dickinson's activity and tracing nan imagined life of nan young poet, who is rebelling against her father, nan town's societal rules, and conscionable astir everything else. The 2nd and 3rd seasons spell deeper, examining not only nan poet's life, but besides nan roles that race, gender, sexuality, and people played successful nan early days of America. If you're a Dickinson stan, emotion a spot of smart queer dramedy, aliases conscionable person a penchant for a modern soundtrack successful a Civil War–era show, you’ll excavation this.