The 2023 Summer Upload Contest – Winners Announced

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Again we received galore items this year! This made it other difficult to determine a winner. All items uploaded successful July and August automatically participate successful this contest. All categories were good represented this year.

All winners will person a awesome rate prize and connected apical of that #1 of each class will person a typical badge connected nan Codester profile!

Many acknowledgment to each developers and designers who uploaded their work!

Scripts & Code

1. Pi Analytics – Track Your Site Visitor

2. Novashare – File Sharing Platform

3. Link Directory Pro

App Templates

1. HeartFlux – Dating Flutter App

2. Money Management – Android App Source Code

3. Calorie Tracker – Weight Loss – Flutter App


1. Nexel- CRM Admin Dashboard UIKit

2. Medixo – Hospital and Medical Admin Dashboard

3. Vitro Admin Dashboard Template


1. WP Block Animations

2. Responsive Footer Menu Mobile WordPress

3. FKeypass – WordPress Login Without Password


1. Medifixt – Medical Clinic Template

2. RPG Game Badges Set 03

3. Hexa Cube Technologies Logo

Many acknowledgment to everybody who upload their activity this summer!

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