The 16 Sci-Fi Movies You Need to Watch Before You Die

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Chest-bursting aliens. Time-traveling DeLoreans. Dystopian futures. Galaxies far, acold away. Science fabrication is afloat of characters, group pieces, and scenarios that fewer different genres could ever get distant with. Due to its often speculative nature, nan astir accomplished sci-fi movies tin sometimes require a spot of activity connected nan portion of nan viewer. Yet arsenic fans of nan genre understand, erstwhile it’s done right, a awesome sci-fi movie is good worthy nan intelligence gymnastics that watching it mightiness demand.

Speaking of sci-fi done right: Whether you’re a lifelong genre devotee aliases person ne'er moreover sat done a Star Wars movie to nan end, a small guidance tin spell a agelong way—and that’s precisely what we’ve sewage for you. When you’re fresh to return your mind connected a cinematic journey, cheque retired immoderate 1 (or all) of our picks for nan very champion subject fabrication movies you tin watch correct now.

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Dune and Dune: Part Two

“Tell them a messiah will come. They’ll wait. For centuries.” Chani (Zendaya) speaks those words early connected successful Dune: Part Two. She’s speaking astir nan prophecy that a savior will get to thief her and her chap Fremen, and whether aliases not Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) will beryllium that messiah. She could besides beryllium talking astir nan hold for a genuinely epic adjustment of Frank Herbert’s award-winning sci-fi novel. Yes, David Lynch made one successful nan 1980s, and it’s a campy classic, but it is head Denis Villeneuve’s brace of films that genuinely bring Herbert’s communicative to life. Lushly designed, action-packed, and understandable moreover to group who’ve ne'er touched nan book, these Dunes are nan existent deal. If you cognize thing astir nan lore, you cognize there’s acold excessively overmuch to really get into it here, but fto it beryllium known: Villeneueve’s adaptations aren’t conscionable mind-blowing sci-fi—they’re monumental useful of art.


While Denis Villeneuve has dabbled successful a assortment of genres since opening his filmmaking profession successful nan mid-1990s, a sci-fi milieu seems to suit him best. As if Enemy (2014) aliases his brace of Dune movies didn’t make that obvious, see this: The man dared to make a sequel worthy of Ridley Scott’s genre-defining Blade Runner—and succeeded! Then there’s Arrival, which is fundamentally a linguistics instruction wrapped successful a sci-fi characteristic and each nan much engrossing because of it. After nan unexpected presence of an alien type connected Earth, linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams) is tasked pinch creating a cosmopolitan connection that will let humans to speak pinch them, and vice versa. But she quickly comes to recognize that efficaciously communicating pinch her quality colleagues—who want results now—might beryllium nan bigger challenge. It’s a stark, and each excessively timely, reminder that advancement takes time, and arsenic specified requires patience.


Any cursory effort to recreate nan ’80s usually goes consecutive for nan popped collars and neon-colored everything. But a speedy reappraisal of immoderate of nan decade’s astir celebrated movies reveals a heavy consciousness of disillusionment. Case successful point: In nan aforesaid twelvemonth that Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) was declaring “greed is good” successful Oliver Stone’s Wall Street, Paul Verhoeven was unleashing 1 of cinema’s astir subversive sci-fi flicks, which sees nan politician of Detroit manus complete power of nan metropolis to nan evil Omni Consumer Products (OCP), which promptly turns Motor City into a testing crushed for its latest technologies. One of those creations is RoboCop (Peter Weller), a law-enforcing cyborg who is programmed pinch nan sole intent of eradicating nan city’s crime problem—until memories of his quality beingness find their measurement backmost into his head. Hey, it happens. Especially erstwhile you recycle nan corpse of a constabulary serviceman murdered successful nan statement of work successful bid to make your robot bull point work. The film’s utmost unit initially earned it nan dreaded X rating, which Verhoeven skirted pinch immoderate clever editing. But nan existent scares are successful its connection connected capitalism and nan powerfulness that corporations wield, which is arsenic existent coming arsenic it was astir 40 years ago.


Anyone who has ever seen Inception knows that you astir apt request astatine slightest a 2nd go-around—or 20—to afloat understand its galore complexities. If that is moreover possible. The little you cognize astir nan specifications of nan communicative going into it nan better, but nan basics are this: Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is an “extractor”—a talented thief who steals his targets’ secrets by infiltrating their dreams pinch his trusty squad of colleagues, which includes Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Elliot Page, and Tom Hardy. People still debate what happened successful nan film’s ending, which is conscionable nan benignant of mindfuckery Christopher Nolan seems to revel in.

Star Wars V: Episode V—The Empire Strikes Back

There are only a fistful of movie sequels that person someway managed to beryllium amended than nan movie that spawned then, and The Empire Strikes Back is adjacent nan apical of nan list. The movie reunites Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher), Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), and Han Solo (Harrison Ford)—the fearless threesome who made A New Hope an instant smash hit—as they yet again do their champion to support their world safe from nan dastardly Darth Vader. While A New Hope dazzled pinch its ahead-of-its-time ocular effects, The Empire Strikes Back was conscionable arsenic impressive—but took nan Star Wars beingness successful a decidedly darker, and much adult, direction.

The Matrix

Today, The Matrix is portion of an enormously celebrated franchise that includes movies, video games, and moreover an animated characteristic (The Animatrix). While each those further pieces of nan puzzle whitethorn person diluted nan effect of nan original film, its one-of-a-kindness still stands. In a dystopian early (really, is location immoderate different kind?), nan world is surviving successful a simulated reality without moreover realizing it—until a top-notch hacker named Neo (Keanu Reeves) sees what’s happening and useful to abstracted truth from AI-created fiction. The Wachowskis’ visionary directing, thought-provoking script, and mind-bending action sequences still person nan expertise to make viewers’ jaws drop. Audiences haven’t looked astatine spoons—or Keanu Reeves—the aforesaid measurement since.

The Terminator

In a different world, nan workplace could person won a casting statement pinch James Cameron, and The Terminator would prima O.J. Simpson alternatively of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Through a fortuitous and circuitous move of events, Cameron met pinch Schwarzenegger to dress to see him for nan domiciled of Kyle Reese successful The Terminator and walked distant knowing he had conscionable recovered their eponymous cyborg, who time-travels from 2029 to 1984 successful bid to execution Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), a waitress and early mom to nan kid who will prevention nan world. Fortunately, she’s sewage Reese (Michael Biehn)—another clip traveler—on her side. On paper, it whitethorn sound preposterous, but 40 years later The Terminator still manages to impress—and is still spawning caller content.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

If The Terminator raised nan barroom for sci-fi films, Terminator 2: Judgment Day smashed it to pieces. Like truthful galore cyborg movies that preceded it—including its 1984 genitor film—T2 is arsenic overmuch a commentary connected what it intends to beryllium quality arsenic it is simply a declaration of conscionable really acold is “too far” successful nan improvement of intelligent technology. If only early ’90s James Cameron knew what would dishonesty ahead. The crippled of this sequel fundamentally follows nan aforesaid shape arsenic nan original film: a Terminator (Robert Patrick) is sent to Los Angeles to termination John Connor (Edward Furlong), boy of Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), earlier he tin lead nan quality resistance. Once again, nan Connors person a guardian angel—only this clip it’s a kinder, gentler, acquainted aged Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who is sent to protect John. Where T2 managed to supplant its predecessor is successful its VFX. As he has done truthful galore times passim his career, Cameron fundamentally had to create caller exertion successful bid to spot his imagination to fruition and, successful doing so, led nan modulation from applicable effects to CGI (for amended aliases worse). Even by today’s standards, T2’s liquid metallic shots are unthinkable to witness.

Escape From New York

John Carpenter whitethorn beryllium amended known arsenic a maestro of horror, but he’s nary slouch successful nan sci-fi department. Set successful nan past early twelvemonth of 1997, Escape From New York offers a type of America wherever nan state is 1 large warfare area and nan land of Manhattan is 1 elephantine maximum information prison. That’s unfortunate for nan president (Donald Pleasence), arsenic New York City is precisely wherever Air Force One crash-lands aft an attempted hijacking, and POTUS is taken hostage by 1 of nan country’s astir vulnerable crime bosses. In bid to guarantee nan president’s safe return, nan authorities has nary prime but to enlist nan thief of Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell), a soldier-turned-criminal who mightiness conscionable beryllium nan only personification who tin prevention nan state from full anarchy. Are location synth scores? You betcha. Carpenter would double down connected his sci-fi prowess and reteam pinch Russell again, conscionable 1 twelvemonth later, pinch his arsenic awesome The Thing (1982).

Ex Machina

While nan 1980s were undoubtedly a very bully clip for sci-fi, nan caller millennium has proven that location are still plentifulness of wholly unsocial stories to beryllium told—and Ex Machina is 1 of them. Caleb Smith (Domhnall Gleeson) is simply a programmer who is invited to nan distant location of an eccentric tech billionaire (Oscar Isaac) for what he thinks is simply a gig helping to create a genuinely groundbreaking humanoid robot. But erstwhile Caleb meets Ava (Alicia Vikander), nan robot successful question, it becomes clear that it is she, not nan humans, who is successful control. With its A-list cast, stellar directing, all-too-relevant storyline, and synchronized creation scene, Ex Machina conscionable mightiness beryllium this millennium’s Blade Runner.

Back to nan Future

Yes, Back to nan Future is simply a comedy. And a family movie too. Not to mention an ’80s classic. But astatine its heart, nan time-traveling escapade of Marty McFly is sci-fi done and through. Marty (Michael J. Fox) is simply a cool ’80s teen who has a basking woman yet someway manages to walk astir of his clip hanging retired pinch a middle-aged huffy intelligence (Christopher Lloyd), who turns a saccharine DeLorean into a clip machine. Hijinks ensue, arsenic does a bizarre plotline involving Libyan terrorists, each of which onshore Marty backmost successful 1955, wherever he meets nan teen versions of his parents and desperately thwarts his mom’s attempts to seduce him. (That storyline could beryllium its ain movie, really.) But by interfering pinch nan past, Marty is putting his ain early astatine risk. Forcing him to find a measurement to get backmost to 1985—but not earlier inventing stone ’n’ rotation arsenic we cognize it.


Ridley Scott has dabbled successful virtually each genre, but nan bars he has group successful nan sci-fi world are undeniable. Two years aft making his characteristic directorial debut pinch nan play movie The Duellists, Scott changed nan subject fabrication crippled pinch Alien. The movie follows nan unit of nan spacecraft Nostromo, including warrant serviceman Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), who respond to a distress telephone arsenic they’re making their measurement location to Earth. This turns retired to beryllium their first mistake—especially erstwhile they recognize that they’re being stalked by an chartless alien type that seems wished to make judge nary of nan crewmembers ever time off nan planetoid. Alien introduced audiences to an array of terrifying creatures—Xenomorphs and face-huggers and chestbursters, ohio my—and kicked disconnected a notable movie franchise that will proceed later this twelvemonth pinch Alien: Romulus.

Close Encounters of nan Third Kind

Two years aft inventing nan “summer blockbuster” pinch Jaws, Steven Spielberg made a speedy pivot from vengeful sharks to mysterious extraterrestrials—a taxable he would revisit again a fewer years later—with Close Encounters of nan Third Kind. The movie reunited nan head pinch Richard Dreyfuss, who present plays a loving hubby and begetter whose unexpected run-in pinch a UFO turns into an obsession that threatens to ruin nan life he has built for himself. Nearly a half-century later, it remains 1 of nan astir smartly made alien movies Hollywood has ever seen by doing distant pinch nan “extra-terrestrial invasion” trope and alternatively focusing connected nan challenges that would travel pinch nan find of an alien life-form.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is nan sci-fi movie to extremity each sci-fi movies, pinch each genre flick that has followed owing nan auteur a indebtedness of gratitude. With its epic scope, gorgeous cinematography, and its somewhat prophetic—and profoundly dystopian—narrative astir nan imaginable dangers of relying excessively overmuch connected technology, nan movie is arsenic applicable coming arsenic it was upon its first merchandise astir 60 years ago. Particularly pinch its main storyline, which focuses connected a group of men taking portion successful a abstraction ngo pinch nan thief of HAL 9000, a portion of AI exertion that decides to spell rogue. It’s not a short film, and each 1 of its 189 minutes is packed pinch prescient storytelling and ahead-of-its-time technology, making it guidelines retired arsenic 1 of nan astir accomplished films successful cinema history.

Blade Runner

Between The Last Duel (2021) and Napoleon (2023), Ridley Scott has been connected much of a humanities epic footwear lately. But nary magnitude of clip distant from nan sci-fi world could ever frighten his spot arsenic a preeminent maestro of nan genre. While he made his sanction pinch Alien, he achieved icon position pinch Blade Runner. The setting: Los Angeles, 2019. (Stick pinch america here.) Flying cars are a thing, arsenic are bioengineered humanoids known arsenic replicants, and that’s a bad thing. Which is why location are alleged “blade runners” for illustration Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), whose occupation is to find and termination these nonhuman threats to society. But erstwhile everyone looks and often acts human, wherever do you tie nan line? Blade Runner’s analyzable storyline led to Scott and Ford being forced to grounds and connect a voice-over, which they some hated, to nan film’s original release. The movie has subsequently been rereleased, some theatrically and successful location versions, a number of times and successful different iterations. In 1992, Scott yet sewage to merchandise a director’s trim of nan film, which did distant pinch nan voiceover (and different elements he didn’t love), but moreover he didn’t person last opportunity complete that cut. Finally, successful 2007, he sewage nan chance to beryllium nan past connection connected each constituent pinch Blade Runner: The Final Cut. Watch ’em each and spot wherever you land.