Texas superintendent suspended after trans student's removal from ‘Oklahoma!’

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The superintendent of a Texas schoolhouse territory has been suspended aft a transgender student was removed — and past later reinstated — from a domiciled successful a precocious schoolhouse accumulation of "Oklahoma!"

The Sherman Independent School District School Board of Trustees voted Friday to suspend Superintendent Tyson Bennett during a closed session. Meghan Cone, a spokesperson for nan district, confirmed Tuesday that nan determination was related to an investigation into nan trans student's removal from nan musical.

Bennett did not instantly return a petition for comment.

The student, Max Hightower, a elder astatine Sherman High School, was removed successful November from nan lead antheral domiciled successful “Oklahoma!” aft his family was notified of a caller argumentation astir casting by gender.

“There is nary argumentation connected really students are assigned to roles. As it relates to this peculiar production, nan activity of nan domiciled arsenic identified successful nan book will beryllium utilized erstwhile casting,” nan district said in a connection connected Nov. 6.

On Nov. 10, "after further review," nan territory revised its original rule, saying "sex will not beryllium considered erstwhile casting nan caller production."

Later that month, nan territory reversed nan restrictions altogether aft nan schoolhouse committee unanimously voted to reinstate nan original book and cast.

“We understand that our determination does not erase nan effect this had connected our community, but we dream that we will reenforce to everyone, peculiarly our students, that we do clasp each of our Board goals, to see addressing nan divers needs of our students and empowering them for occurrence successful a divers and analyzable world,” nan board's president, Brad Morgan, said astatine nan time.

The committee of trustees adjourned to a closed gathering Friday truthful members could consult an lawyer connected nan “personnel matters” and nan “investigation concerning ‘Oklahoma!’ accumulation issues,” according to nan board's nationalist agenda. The meeting lasted much than 3 hours.

In summation to suspending Bennett pinch pay, nan committee appointed Deputy Superintendent Thomas O’Neal arsenic acting superintendent, effective immediately.

Max’s father, Phillip Hightower, said he supports nan board's determination to suspend Bennett.

“I don’t observe a man apt losing his job, but I americium gladsome nan committee made nan correct determination to support our students, each of our students, free from favoritism of immoderate kind,” he said.

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