Texas students suspended for not reporting classmate with gun, parents outraged

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Some parents astatine Pioneer Technology and Arts Academy are expressing outrage astatine disciplinary action handed down to a fistful of students complete really they reacted upon learning their classmate showed up to schoolhouse equipped pinch a gun.

Mesquite constabulary rushed to nan nationalist charter schoolhouse connected February 19 aft an adjunct main called 911 reporting an equipped student was holed successful an office. 

Body camera video shows officers trying to talk down nan teen earlier opening fire after he appeared to raise his arms while holding a firearm.

The teen suffered a insignificant wounded and was taken into custody.

NBC 5 has learned that astatine slightest 3 students person been suspended for not allegedly reporting their classmate brought a weapon to school, according to nan parents of 2 affected students.

Marta Fonseca asked NBC 5 to perceive straight from her 15-year-old girl astir what happened that greeting and why she reacted nan measurement she did.

Gabriela Rodriguez, a PTAA 9th grader, says she showed up to people astir 20 minutes precocious erstwhile she noticed nan boy move to beryllium adjacent to her.

“He decides to conscionable unfastened his backpack and commencement flashing nan weapon astatine me,” she said. “He said he was going to do it 1 time truthful coming was that day. He was going to do it and really he’s only going to beryllium going aft nan English teacher. That everybody should conscionable time off nan schoolroom after.”

Rodriguez says she initially thought nan weapon was fake.

“I sat location shocked because I didn’t deliberation it was a existent gun,” she said. “I sat location for for illustration 5 minutes conscionable reasoning this isn’t real, this isn’t real. This isn’t happening.”

Rodriguez says nan doorbell rang a fewer minutes later truthful she near and headed to her adjacent people without alerting immoderate adults.

“Yes, I could’ve tried but astatine this point, it’s conscionable my mind thinking: ‘Would this kid move connected me’ and I get wounded alternatively of anyone else,” she said. 

Fonseca says while she has taught her girls to ‘see something, opportunity something,’ she should not beryllium ‘shamed’ for her consequence nether stress.

“That’s a batch putting connected a kid who conscionable saw a kid pinch a weapon successful a classroom,” said Fonseca. “She’s still increasing and her mentality is not afloat developed. To spot thing that large connected her, she successful truth feared for her life.”

Students, she says, person already been traumatized by nan consequent shooting and should not look immoderate discipline.

Edgar Villa says his girl shared a people pinch nan gunman but was not told astir nan weapon that morning.

Villa says he and different parents are rallying astir suspended students and their families, claiming it is nan schoolhouse that grounded them.

Several students show NBC 5 schoolhouse activity ne'er afloat knowledgeable aliases prepared students aliases unit for specified an emergency.

What’s more, claims Villa, students’ deficiency of spot keeps them from alerting staff. “Maybe they weren’t emotion comfortable telling teachers because of nan measurement nan teachers are treating them,” said Villa. 

When it comes to nan value of reporting threats, particularly because rule enforcement often says teens are often nan first to study astir imaginable schoolhouse shootings, Villa and Fonseca reason minors should still not beryllium reprimanded.

Asked if she has immoderate regrets astir her decisions that day, Rodriguez said: “Honestly, I person zero regrets. Yeah, possibly I should’ve done this differently, but astatine this constituent arsenic agelong arsenic I’m safe and others are safe, which thankfully we are, I’m good pinch this.”

PTAA sent a connection to NBC 5 precocious Tuesday day that sounds successful part:

“We are alert of nan inquiries regarding nan disciplinary actions taken successful relationship pinch nan incident. Due to nan Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), PTAA is restricted from discussing circumstantial student cases publicly. We guarantee nan organization that each decisions are made pinch thorough consideration, adhering to our established policies and ensuring nan well-being of our students and staff.“

“Educating our students astir safety, responsibility, and nan value of reporting concerns is simply a continuous process. PTAA is devoted to instilling these values done our program and organization engagement initiatives. We judge successful learning from incidents to build a safer, much aware, and cohesive schoolhouse environment.“

“PTAA is successful nan process of arranging further meetings and discussions pinch circumstantial parents and students. These forums will beryllium designed to listen, stock updates, and collaboratively activity towards enhancing our school’s information and information measures.“

Maria Guerrero, NBC Dallas-Fort Worth

Maria Guerrero is simply a newsman astatine NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.