Teens, with mixed feelings about their own phones, say their parents need to log off

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“One point that’s important to statement is that surface clip isn’t conscionable a teen issue. It’s a family issue,” said Colleen McClain, a Pew investigation subordinate and lead interrogator for nan survey. “We really wanted to item nan measurement that teens and parents are navigating these issues. I deliberation nan creation of our study, wherever we’ve been capable to talk to some teens and their parents, really helps america to research nan nuances of each of this.”

Carried retired complete nan people of a period past year, nan study was conducted via a web study completed by astir 1,450 parent-and-teen pairs. McClain said researchers did not study nan reasoning aliases implications down their answers, but much truthful aimed to unveil a image of really captious a domiciled smartphones play successful families pinch teens.

The study adds to a growing assemblage of research seeking to understand nan effect of smartphones connected young group and family dynamics. 

“This is astatine nan halfway of nan nationalist speech correct now and we’re really thrilled to person this opportunity to study some parents and their teens to understand their experiences, really elevate their voices and bring them to nan halfway of this really, really important conversation,” she said. 

A mostly of teens surveyed said they judge nan benefits of telephone usage mostly outweigh nan harms. In an progressively digitized world, astir two-thirds said smartphones make it easier for young group to prosecute their interests and hobbies, arsenic good arsenic to beryllium creative. Nearly half besides said nan devices alteration them to execute amended successful school.

They were much skeptical, however, astir their smartphone’s effect connected their wide societal life. Less than 40% of teens said phones thief them create patient friendships, though this makes up a plurality. Those who believed nan other made up an moreover divided pinch those who were neutral connected this topic.

And little than one-third believed these integer devices could thief them create amended societal skills, pinch much than 40% saying they make doing truthful harder.

In surveying parents arsenic well, Pew recovered that half of each parents person looked done their teen’s telephone astatine slightest erstwhile — but not ever pinch their child’s knowledge: Only 43% of teens paired pinch those parents opportunity they judge this has happened. Families besides reported much parental snooping connected younger teens’ devices arsenic compared to older teens.

Parents and teens do study being arsenic alert of really apt they are to reason astir telephone use. Nearly 40% of some parents and teens opportunity that nan magnitude of surface clip nan kid consumes leads to arguments astatine slightest sometimes, if not often.

Angela Yang

Angela nan is simply a civilization and trends newsman for NBC News.