Teen killed and 4 others wounded in shooting at SEPTA bus stop in Philadelphia

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A teen was killed and 4 different group were wounded successful a shooting Monday day astatine a autobus extremity successful Philadelphia, constabulary said.

The shooting occurred astir 3:45 p.m. astatine nan SEPTA autobus extremity adjacent Broad Street and Godfrey Avenue. The 17-year-old antheral who died was changeable aggregate times, constabulary said.

Two 15-year-old boys had graze wounds. A 71-year-old female was changeable successful nan caput and a 49-year-old female was grazed successful nan correct forearm, constabulary said.

The unfortunate who was killed appears to person been targeted, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel said during a media briefing Monday.

His personality has not been publically released.

Philadelphia constabulary analyse nan segment of nan SEPTA Bus wide shooting connected Monday.Philadelphia constabulary analyse nan segment of nan SEPTA Bus wide shooting connected Monday.TheNews2/Cover Images via AP

About 20 school-aged children were astatine nan autobus extremity erstwhile 2 group came up to nan autobus and started shooting. The women who were changeable were aboard nan bus, Bethel said.

"The autobus is stopped. People are starting to committee nan bus, and that's erstwhile we person 2 individuals travel up and commencement to fire," he said.

He added nan shooting happened astatine a engaged intersection and aggregate rounds were fired.

"It could person been overmuch worse," Bethel said.

Police had not announced immoderate arrests arsenic of Monday night.

A SEPTA spokesperson said incidents for illustration nan shooting are "extremely rare" for nan transit service, but "even 1 is unacceptable."

“This was a horrific incident that claimed 1 life and near respective others injured, including 2 women connected nan Route 6 autobus who were conscionable trying to spell astir their day,” SEPTA spokesperson Andrew Busch said successful a connection to NBC Philadelphia.

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