Teacher allegedly tosses 2-year-old 'like a piece of luggage,' sending student into a wall

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A erstwhile coach astatine a kid attraction halfway successful Middletown is accused of tossing a 2-year-old kid “like a portion of luggage” into a wall astatine nan installation and has been arrested.

Middletown constabulary said it happened astatine Town & Country Early Learning Center astatine 195 South Main St. connected Jan. 12.

They started nan investigation that time erstwhile nan child’s guardian went to constabulary to inquire that nan coach beryllium arrested aft nan installation notified her astir nan battle and allowed her to watch soul surveillance video of nan incident, according to police.

Police identified nan coach arsenic Kristie Kovarcik, 47, of Haddam. Town & Country reported that Kovarcik was terminated from her job, according to police.

The guardian of nan 2-year-old told constabulary what she saw.

She said nan kid fell to nan ground, past Kovarcik grabbed nan child’s garment pinch some hands, picked nan kid disconnected nan crushed and launched nan 2-year-old “through nan aerial for illustration a portion of luggage,” nan apprehension warrant says.

According to police, nan head of nan installation heard an elevated sound erstwhile it happened, pulled up nan surveillance camera for Kovarcik’s room and saw children “wrestling.”

Kovarcik was opinionated there, allowing nan children to wrestle, which is not allowed. Then she picked nan kid up disconnected nan crushed by nan backmost of nan student's shirt, threw nan kid disconnected to nan side, and location was a large thud arsenic though thing deed nan wall, nan head told police.

The head past ran into nan room and recovered nan kid crying.

Kovarcik said nan unfortunate was fine, according to nan apprehension warrant.

The head removed nan kid and reported nan incident to nan parents and nan authorities Department of Children and Families.

Detectives obtained nan surveillance video and recovered that it confirmed that Kovarcik picked up nan child, tossed nan student to nan broadside and nan child’s caput deed a adjacent wall, causing a insignificant contusion supra nan correct eye, constabulary said.

The apprehension warrant says nan kid was thrown astir six feet.

Kovarcik has been charged pinch consequence of wounded to a insignificant and reckless endangerment successful nan 2nd degree.

She said successful a connection that it was “chaotic,” children were pushing and pulling each different and nan 2-year-old was climbing connected apical of different child, according to nan apprehension warrant. So, Kovarcik said, she grabbed nan victim, moved nan kid retired of nan measurement and nan child’s caput deed nan wall.

Kovarcik said successful nan connection that it was not intentional, she was remorseful and admitted to losing her cool, nan apprehension warrant says. She had worked astatine nan time attraction since 2019.

Police said they reviewed immoderate video footage pinch nan time attraction head and video from Nov. 1 showed Kovarcik shove someone, nan apprehension warrant says, and video from Jan. 8 showed Kovarcik assistance a young kid retired of a chair by nan garment and driblet nan kid to nan ground, footwear a unfortunate who was connected nan crushed and push onto a child’s thorax to unit nan kid to dishonesty down astatine naptime.

“Upon watching nan incident involving Ms. Kovarcik connected our soul camera monitoring system, we instantly initiated an soul investigation, notified nan due authorities authorities, and terminated nan employee. Our information and training protocols are amongst nan strictest successful our manufacture and we dainty immoderate specified incident pinch nan utmost seriousness. The information and protection of nan children successful our attraction is ever our top priority,” a spokesperson for Town & Country Early Learning Center, said successful a statement.

The Office of Early Childhood released a connection connected Tuesday afternoon.

“The Office of Early Childhood (OEC), nan authorities agency that licenses kid attraction programs, became alert of this unfortunate incident and conducted a associated investigation pinch DCF. While nan programme is presently successful ineligible for failing to substantially comply pinch nan Regulations, nan solution to nan ineligible matter is pending. The OEC takes these situations very earnestly and we return each measurement needed to guarantee nan wellness and information of children,” nan connection says.

Kovarcik turned herself successful to nan constabulary connected Feb. 26.

She is owed successful tribunal connected April 2.

Police obtained video footage from nan time attraction from Oct. 11 done Jan. 12 and they are going done it, according to police.

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