Target to limit self-checkout to 10 items or fewer as Walmart also adjusts

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Target is group to limit nan number of items that tin beryllium purchased successful its self-checkout lanes to 10 items aliases fewer.

The retail elephantine said Friday nan alteration would return effect Sunday astatine astir of its astir 2,000 stores nationwide. Some self-checkout lanes whitethorn besides adjacent wholly astatine definite hours depending connected ft postulation patterns, Target said.

The alteration was partially successful consequence to nan extremity of nan pandemic, during which customers preferred a contactless option, nan institution said. Target said it began piloting 10-item-or-less self-checkouts past autumn and decided to move guardant pinch a nationwide rollout based connected nan response.

"By having nan action to prime self-checkout for a speedy trip, aliases a traditional, staffed lane erstwhile their cart is full, guests who were surveyed told america nan wide checkout acquisition was better, too," nan institution said.

Target said it would beryllium besides beryllium opening much accepted lanes staffed by squad members.

Though Target did not mention it Friday successful announcing nan self-checkout change, nan institution and different retailers person cited theft arsenic a wide problem, contempt receiving immoderate pushback connected their claims.

“I’m really pleased pinch nan advancement that we’ve seen,” Target CEO Brian Cornell said successful an question and reply pinch CNBC past fall, “but this isn’t a Target issue, this is simply a unit issue.”

Walmart, too, is experimenting pinch caller self-checkout limits. Customers astatine definite Walmart locations whitethorn commencement to announcement changes to self-checkout lanes.

“From time-to-time, our stores set nan usage of staffed checkouts and self-checkouts," a Walmart spokesperson told TODAY. "For example, a shop mightiness commencement aliases extremity nan time pinch staffed checkouts. As nan number of shoppers and subordinate staffing increases, these stores unfastened self-checkout registers to negociate nan accrued customer flow. This process isn’t new."

Rob Wile

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