Suspect killed and 4 deputies hurt after exchanging gunfire during car chase in California

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SANTA ROSA, Calif. — A fishy was killed and 4 deputies were wounded aft exchanging gunfire during a car pursuit that ended pinch a convulsive clang northbound of San Francisco early Monday, authorities said.

The deputies responded pursuing reports of a man brandishing a firearm successful unincorporated westbound Santa Rosa, nan Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office said.

The equipped fishy drove off, pursued by nan deputies, according to a sheriff’s agency statement.

“During nan pursuit, nan fishy stopped, fired shots astatine nan deputies, and continued nan pursuit. Deputies returned occurrence and, ultimately, nan fishy collapsed nan conveyance he was driving,” nan connection said.

The suspect, who was not identified, died astatine nan scene.

One lawman was changeable successful nan leg, different suffered a caput wounded and 2 had injuries to their hands, officials said. The lawman pinch a caput wounded is successful captious but unchangeable condition.

The Santa Rosa Police Department will return complete nan investigation.

The Associated Press

The Associated Press