Super Tuesday 2024: Which states are voting, the key rules to know and what's at stake

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Tuesday is nan astir consequential time successful nan title for some parties' statesmanlike nominations — a time governmental junkies person travel to telephone "Super Tuesday."

Sixteen states and 1 U.S. territory are holding statesmanlike nominating contests Tuesday successful immoderate form. For some Republicans and Democrats, they will grant much than one-third of nan full delegates disposable passim nan full nominating contest, each connected 1 day.

Here's a guideline to what to expect arsenic voters formed their ballots crossed nan country:

When are nan polls open? 

The first polls of nan time unfastened successful Vermont astatine 6 a.m. ET, and nan last polls adjacent successful Alaska astatine midnight ET. In between, present are nan different astir important times to know:

  • 7 p.m. ET: Polls adjacent successful nan Virginia and Vermont primaries.
  • 7:30 p.m. ET: Polls adjacent successful North Carolina.
  • 8 p.m. ET: Polls adjacent successful Alabama, Maine, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Tennessee and astir of Texas.
  • 8:30 p.m. ET: Polls adjacent successful Arkansas.
  • 9 p.m. ET: Polls adjacent successful Colorado, Minnesota and nan remainder of Texas.
  • 11 p.m. ET: Polls adjacent successful California and successful Utah's Republican caucuses.

Who tin vote? 

That depends connected nan state. A assortment of rules govern nominating contests successful definite states — here's a look astatine 3 of nan astir common:

  • Open: Voters whitethorn take which superior to ballot successful sloppy of their registration (in galore cases, these states besides don't inquire voters to registry by party). Among nan Republican contests Tuesday, Alabama, Arkansas, Minnesota, Texas, Virginia and Vermont are holding unfastened primaries.
  • Partially open: These contests are typically restricted to members of nan party, arsenic good arsenic unaffiliated voters. In immoderate cases, voters are considered to beryllium registered pinch a statement if they formed their ballots successful that primary, astatine slightest for nan remainder of nan predetermination cycle. The Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, North Carolina and Tennessee primaries are partially open.
  • Closed: Voters must beryllium registered pinch a statement to ballot successful its superior aliases caucus. The contests successful Alaska, California, Oklahoma and Utah autumn into this class connected nan GOP side.

What’s astatine liking connected nan Republican side? 

For each nan attraction paid to nan first nominating contests, those early states awarded conscionable 11% of nan full delegates successful nan GOP statesmanlike nominating contest. 

There are 865 Republican delegates astatine liking successful nan Super Tuesday GOP nominating contests. That’s astir 36% of each nan delegates successful nan full race.

Once each of nan delegates from Super Tuesday and nan erstwhile contests are allocated, much than 47% of nan delegates will person been awarded. And aft nan 4 contests connected March 12, much than 50% of nan delegates will person been awarded. 

Are nan contests winner-take-all aliases proportional? 

While nan Republican National Committee's rules don't let astir states to clasp existent winner-take-all contests earlier March 15, galore Super Tuesday states will move into de facto winner-take-all states because of nan one-on-one quality of nan race. 

Five states will grant each azygous delegate they person to a mostly vote-winner: California, Maine, Massachusetts, Utah and Vermont. Tennessee awards each its delegates to 1 campaigner if he aliases she wins two-thirds of nan vote. Minnesota awards each its delegates to 1 campaigner if he aliases she wins 80% of nan vote. 

Five different states — Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Virginia — grant each their statewide delegates (at-large delegates) to a campaigner who wins a mostly of nan vote, and past they dole retired legislature territory delegates separately. A campaigner who wins nan mostly of a territory wins each 3 legislature territory delegates. 

In each of these states, delegates are awarded proportionally if nary campaigner wins a majority. 

And successful others, each nan disposable delegates are awarded proportionally.

What's nan GOP’s 'magic number'? 

The GOP nominee will beryllium nan campaigner who clinches nan mostly of nan party’s delegates to nan nationalist convention, aliases 1,215 of nan 2,429 delegates. 

What do I request to cognize astir nan Democratic side? 

There’s not overmuch you request to cognize astir nan Democratic contests because President Joe Biden is nan far-and-away favourite successful each one.

Unlike nan Republican side, Democrats ever grant delegates successful each authorities proportionally to candidates who deed a 15% threshold. So it's imaginable that 1 of Biden's opponents wins immoderate delegates to nan normal based connected nan results (or, for illustration what happened successful Michigan, "uncommitted" wins delegates).

Are Democratic superdelegates still a thing? 

Yes, but their powerfulness has been greatly diminished since 2016.

Only “pledged delegates,” those won by kindness of nan results successful nominating contests, tin ballot for nan nominee connected nan first ballot (those delegates person pledged to formed their ballots for nan candidates to which they were allocated, and those candidates’ campaigns play a large domiciled successful selecting those pledged delegates). 

They tin still endorse immoderate campaigner they please. But nan only ways superdelegates are fixed votes for nan nominee astatine nan normal are if: 

  • A statesmanlike campaigner has clinched nan required number of pledged delegates and there’s nary uncertainty astir nan outcome. That way, superdelegates tin technically formed their votes for nan party’s presumptive nominee without putting their thumbs connected nan scale. 
  • No campaigner has clinched nan required number of pledged delegates and nan title moves to consequent ballots successful a contested convention. The superdelegates can’t ballot connected nan first ballot, but they go free to formed votes connected nan consequent ballots.

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