Subway slasher cuts up rider’s hand in homophobic attack on NYC train, police say

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A man wanted for a subway slashing successful nan first hours of nan play allegedly attacked his unfortunate aft hurling homophobic remarks connected a Manhattan train.

Police responded to Penn Station astir 11 p.m. Friday for reports of an onslaught aboard a northbound A train. The perpetrator allegedly made his hate-filled comments arsenic nan train approached nan station.

The confrontation escalated erstwhile constabulary said nan fishy took retired a container cutter and slashed nan 27-year-old victim’s hand. His unfortunate sewage disconnected astatine nan station, but nan attacker stayed connected nan train arsenic it continued north, according to police.

The NYPD released a first look connected Saturday of nan wanted suspect, seen wearing a ample grey puffer overgarment and a achromatic hat.

Video taken from nan subway position shows officers and paramedics surrounding a man pinch a bandaged hand.

“I would opportunity decidedly erstwhile I return nan train, I guidelines by constabulary because I get a small tense by myself,” said assemblage student Ava Vanni.

Friday night’s slashing is nan latest lawsuit of unit aboard nan subways. That aforesaid day, a 61-year-old man was stabbed aboard a 4 train astatine 167th Street successful nan Bronx. On Thursday, an MTA conductor aboard an A train stuck his caput retired erstwhile nan train pulled into nan Rockaway Avenue Station successful Brooklyn and was slashed by personification successful nan neck, giving him a terrible trim that required 34 stitches.

Overall, there’s been a 13% jump successful subway crimes — including an 11 percent emergence successful assaults. So acold this year, 3 group person been murdered while riding nan subway.

MTA Chairman Janno Lieber has pushed backmost connected nan cognition that subway crime is moving rampant, fixed that 4 cardinal riders usage nan transit system. Lieber announced caller information measures to quell information concerns.

“We’re putting cameras successful each subway car, nary 1 has ever done that before,” Lieber said. “We’re putting cameras wrong nan full fleet.”

Melissa Colorado, NBC New York

Melissa Colorado is simply a newsman for NBC New York.