Stepmother of slain 5-year-old Harmony Montgomery granted parole for perjury

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CONCORD, N.H. — The estranged woman of a New Hampshire man convicted of killing his 5-year-old girl and moving nan assemblage astir for months was granted parole connected Thursday, much than a twelvemonth aft she was sentenced to situation for lying astir wherever she was erstwhile nan kid was past seen.

Kayla Montgomery, 33, is expected to beryllium released successful May, days earlier her hubby is scheduled to beryllium sentenced. She was ordered to complete mandatory situation programs related to constituent maltreatment curen and person an approved location plan. She will beryllium nether aggravated supervision for astatine slightest respective months.

She should person spoken up truthful that authorities could find nan woman and cognize what happened to her, she told nan three-member sheet of nan New Hampshire Adult Parole Board during her proceeding astatine nan authorities correctional installation for women.

“I didn’t show nan truth astir wherever I was during that time,” Montgomery said. “And not being capable to cooperate pinch nan detectives, I sewage each caught up successful nan business and if I conscionable was honorable from nan beginning, they could person done their occupation sooner.”

Harmony Montgomery’s lawsuit has exposed weaknesses successful kid protection systems and provoked calls to prioritize nan well-being of children complete parents successful custody matters. Harmony Montgomery was moved betwixt nan homes of her mother and her foster parents aggregate times earlier Adam Montgomery, her father, received custody successful 2019 and moved to New Hampshire.

Michelle Raftery, who was a foster genitor to Harmony Montgomery, attended Kayla’s proceeding and cried arsenic she heard nan parole board’s decision. She declined to remark afterward.

Kayla Montgomery was nan prima witnesser against her hubby during his two-week proceedings past period connected second-degree execution and different charges successful nan decease of his daughter.

Authorities judge Harmony Montgomery was killed connected Dec. 7, 2019, but nan kid wasn’t reported missing for astir 2 years aft that. Her assemblage has not been found.

Kayla Montgomery, her stepmother, has mislaid her parental authorities to her ain 4 children, 3 of them fathered by Adam Montgomery. She said she put successful an entreaty to get them back.

She was tearful astatine times answering nan board’s questions astir really she had suffered immoderate missteps successful not completing 1 curen programme and violating nan rules of different by pretending to return her medication.

She yet was allowed backmost into nan program. “I’ve really been moving connected myself,” she said.

Board personnel Tricia Thompson noted that Kayla Montgomery would look a batch of unit successful nan organization to beryllium capable to support herself together and not lie.

“Once you show one, you’re beat, because you’re not going to beryllium capable to support up,” Thompson said.

“All I tin do is return it 1 time astatine a time,” Kayla Montgomery said.

Kayla Montgomery pleaded blameworthy successful 2022 to 2 perjury charges for lying during expansive assemblage grounds astir moving astatine a doughnut shop connected Nov. 30, 2019, nan time she said she past saw Harmony. She was sentenced to astatine slightest 18 months successful situation and agreed to cooperate pinch prosecutors successful their lawsuit against Adam.

In exchange, prosecutors dropped charges that Kayla besides lied to authorities wellness officials astir having nan kid successful her attraction successful bid to cod use benefits and that she received stolen firearms.

Kayla Montgomery had testified that her family, including her 2 young sons pinch Adam Montgomery, had been evicted correct earlier Thanksgiving successful 2019 and were surviving successful a car. She said connected Dec. 7, Adam Montgomery punched Harmony Montgomery astatine respective extremity lights arsenic they drove from a methadone session to a accelerated nutrient edifice because he was angry that nan kid was having bath accidents successful nan car.

After that, she said she handed nutrient to nan children successful nan car without checking connected Harmony Montgomery and that nan mates later discovered she was dormant aft nan car collapsed down. She testified that her hubby put nan assemblage successful a duffel bag. She described various places wherever nan girl’s assemblage was hidden, including nan trunk of a car, a cooler, a bum halfway ceiling vent and nan walk-in freezer astatine her husband’s workplace.

During Adam Montgomery’s trial, his lawyers suggested that Kayla continued to dishonesty to protect herself. They said their customer did not termination Harmony, and that Kayla Montgomery was nan past personification to spot nan kid alive.

Kayla Montgomery testified that she didn’t travel guardant astir nan child’s decease because she was acrophobic of her husband. She said Adam Montgomery suspected that she mightiness spell to nan police, truthful he began punching her, giving her achromatic eyes, she said. She yet ran distant from him successful March 2021.

Last year, Kayla Montgomery testified successful an unrelated lawsuit against her hubby successful which he was convicted of weapon theft charges. He was sentenced to complete 30 years successful prison, taking a infinitesimal to proclaim his innocence in his daughter’s death.

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