St. Louis news station apologizes after anchor described minority homeowners as 'colored' on air

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A section St. Louis news position apologized aft facing backlash for describing a number homeowners arsenic "colored" during a broadcast.

On nan Feb. 26 evening newscast, a KMOV First Alert 4 anchor referred to number homeowners arsenic "colored" while teasing a communicative astir Black homeowners and existent property appraisals.

The anchor issued an apology on-air nan pursuing day.

"Last nighttime astatine this time, I publication an outdated group word on-air during a story. The connection should person ne'er travel retired of my mouth, and it does not bespeak who I americium aliases what First Alert 4 represents," anchor Cory Stark said. "It was unacceptable, and we are gathering pinch organization members arsenic we strive to do amended each day."

KMOV did not instantly respond to an NBC News petition for comment.

The position promptly received backlash for nan incident, including nan National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ).

"It is upsetting that specified a slur would make it to air. The word is outdated, violative and racist," nan relation wrote successful a statement Friday. "We are concerned that nary 1 successful nan KMOV newsroom caught this error, and we mobility KMOV's editorial process erstwhile it comes to taste awareness."

"Given that St. Louis' organization is 43% Black, and nan metropolis is nary alien to group strife, we would dream KMOV would beryllium much delicate successful really it covers nan Black community," NABJ added.

The National Association of Black Journalists besides suggests KMOV and Grey Television, nan institution that owns nan station, should retrain labor connected diversity, equity and inclusion issues.

Katherine Itoh

Katherine Itoh is simply a news subordinate for NBC News.