‘Squid Game’ actor O Yeong-su convicted of sexual harassment and given a suspended sentence

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SEOUL — South Korean character O Yeong-su, who starred successful nan first play of nan deed Netflix bid “Squid Game,” was convicted Friday of intersexual harassment and handed a suspended situation sentence, a tribunal charismatic said.

The Seongnam branch of nan Suwon District Court sentenced O to 8 months successful prison, suspended for 2 years, arsenic good arsenic 40 hours of attendance astatine a intersexual unit curen program, nan tribunal charismatic said by telephone.

The 79-year-old actor, who was charged pinch 2 counts of intersexual harassment successful 2017, had denied nan accusations.

As he was leaving nan court, O told reporters he planned to entreaty against nan decision. He has 7 days to entreaty aliases nan ruling will beryllium upheld.

O was indicted successful 2022 and prosecutors had antecedently sought a condemnation of 1 twelvemonth successful prison, according to media reports.

Womenlink, a women’s authorities group successful South Korea, welcomed nan ruling and urged O to apologize to nan victim.

“The suspect resembles different offenders of intersexual unit successful theatre successful nan past who tried to screen up their intersexual unit arsenic ‘favour’ and ‘friendship,’” nan group said successful a station connected X.

O won best supporting character successful tv astatine nan Golden Globes for his domiciled successful “Squid Game” successful 2022, becoming nan first South Korean to triumph nan award.

He played nan aged characteristic Oh II-nam, 1 of nan main antagonists of nan first season.

The contention complete nan accusations of intersexual harassment led him to driblet retired of an upcoming movie successful South Korea.