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A judge will perceive arguments for and against dismissing nan classified documents charges against Donald Trump. Experts see what a TikTok prohibition successful nan U.S. could look like. And a “superbloom” whitethorn soon erupt successful Southern California.

Here’s what to cognize today.

Trump attorneys to conflict for dismissal of classified docs charges

Donald Trump is expected to look astatine a proceeding successful Florida today, wherever his attorneys will reason to disregard nan national criminal lawsuit involving his handling of classified documents connected nan grounds that nan Presidential Records Act bars his prosecution. 

The 1978 rule governs nan preservation of accusation during and pursuing a presidency, but a president’s individual records are excluded from nan act’s requirements. Trump, who has denied each wrongdoing successful nan case, has claimed that he should beryllium shielded from prosecution because classified statesmanlike records “can beryllium transformed into ‘personal’” records by removing them from nan White House.

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Trump’s attorneys will besides talk a 2nd mobility to disregard nan lawsuit connected nan mentation that nan main statute utilized against Trump is unconstitutionally vague arsenic it applies to presidents and can’t beryllium utilized against him.

Special counsel Jack Smith has asked U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon to cull Trump’s claims. During nan all-day hearing, Cannon is besides expected to push backmost nan proceedings date, which was primitively scheduled for May 20.  

Read nan afloat communicative here.

What’s adjacent for nan TikTok bill

A measure that could consequence successful TikTok being banned successful nan U.S. is headed to nan Senate after it passed 352-65 successful nan House, pinch 1 typical voting present. But senators aren’t expected to enactment arsenic quickly arsenic representatives did because location is little urgency to ballot connected nan bill, and senators have different theories about really to reside nationalist information concerns over TikTok’s China-based owner.

While nan early of nan Protecting Americans From Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act is successful limbo, its transition triggered guidance beyond Washington, D.C., arsenic experts suggested what a TikTok prohibition could look for illustration for users. “I deliberation you’ll spot a batch of kids learning really to circumvent nan restrictions connected their phones,” 1 personification said. 

To debar a prohibition nether nan law, Bytedance would person to beryllium consenting to waste TikTok successful nan first place; it’s unclear if it is. On apical of that, uncovering a purchaser would beryllium a frantic process. Here’s what other to consider when it comes to a TikTok ban.

More guidance and study of nan bill: 

  • Here’s how the youngest and oldest House members voted connected nan bill.
  • TikTok creators opportunity a ban would frighten people’s livelihoods and state of speech.

SpaceX group to motorboat 3rd Starship rocket

The 400-foot SpaceX mega rocket known arsenic Starship is group to motorboat this greeting successful Texas, pinch nan institution hoping this 3rd motorboat won’t extremity pinch a fiery detonation aliases mislaid communications, arsenic nan first 2 Starship launches did. The motorboat is expected astir 8 a.m. ET and will beryllium streamed unrecorded connected SpaceX’s website. 

During nan trial flight, Starship will effort respective objectives, for illustration firing 1 of its Raptor engines, opening and closing nan vehicle’s payload doorway and transferring propellant betwixt 2 of its tanks while successful orbit. Many of these techniques could group nan shape for satellite missions as portion of NASA’s Artemis program. Then, SpaceX hopes nan rocket will transportation retired a controlled re-entry done Earth’s ambiance earlier splashing down into nan Indian Ocean.

A mini metropolis successful Oklahoma elected a achromatic nationalist. Will it beryllium capable to ballot him out?

A twelvemonth ago, Connie Vickers and Nancy Presnall — residents of Enid, Oklahoma — confronted City Council campaigner Judd Blevins complete a photograph of him holding a tiki torch successful Charlottesville, Virginia, connected nan eve of nan 2017 Unite nan Right rally. When Blevins was asked astir his ties to achromatic nationalists, “He ran distant from 2 small aged ladies,” Presnall said.

Two weeks later, Blevins won his race. Voters seemed to admit Blevins’ bio: a seasoned who’d served successful Iraq and who’d worked a manual occupation successful Tulsa earlier moving backmost to his hometown to return complete his father’s roofing business. It’s not clear really galore voters knew astir Blevins’ achromatic nationalist ties.

But a achromatic nationalist campaigning for agency is 1 thing; his predetermination is another. It marked nan opening of a conflict to expel Blevins from nan City Council — a conflict for nan very psyche of Enid

Death of trans student Nex Benedict ruled a suicide

The decease of Nex Benedict, a transgender teen successful Oklahoma, was ruled a suicide, according to a aesculapian examiner’s study released yesterday. The study listed nan probable origin of decease arsenic “combined toxicity” from 2 drugs, 1 that is disposable complete nan antagonistic and nan different by prescription. 

According to friends and family, Nex, a 16-year-old who utilized he and they pronouns, died connected Feb. 8, a time aft a conflict astatine Owasso High School. Later that month, constabulary said an autopsy study showed his decease was not nan consequence of trauma but later clarified that the conflict had not been ruled out as having contributed to aliases caused his death.

Haiti’s long-simmering situation spills onto nan world stage

The announcement this week that Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry agreed to resign from his station erstwhile a transitional authorities is established marked a immense improvement successful a long-simmering situation successful nan country. But nan very thought of a transitional authorities brokered not by Haitians but by different Caribbean nations and parties, including nan U.S., is 1 of nan main reasons that Haiti is connected nan brink. 

Also, unit successful nan superior of Port-au-Prince has been building for years. One notable leader successful nan violence is Jimmy “Barbecue” Chérizier, a erstwhile officer-turned-gangster starring nan run to prehend power of nan country. In caller weeks, his forces person laid siege to Haiti’s main world airport, traded gunfire pinch troops astatine authorities sites and sparked a wide jailbreak that freed almost 4,000 pack members. 

Reporters Patrick White and Char Adams explain nan situation of violence, authorities and hunger engulfing nan nation. 

Politics successful Brief

Abortion rights: Vice President Kamala Harris plans to circuit a Planned Parenthood clinic in Minnesota that provides abortion services, successful what sources judge will beryllium nan first clip a president aliases vice president has ever visited a session that provides abortion services successful U.S. history. 

Fact check: Sen. Katie Britt has travel nether occurrence complete allegations that she misrepresented a activity trafficking communicative during nan GOP consequence to nan State of nan Union address. An NBC News study recovered that she has brought up nan aforesaid victim, who was trafficked nether nan Bush administration, at slightest 5 times successful nan past year

Georgia predetermination case: The judge presiding complete nan predetermination interference lawsuit successful Georgia dismissed 3 counts against Donald Trump.

Congress: Mike Johnson is gathering GOP representatives successful West Virginia for his first House Republican retreat arsenic speaker. But he’s struggling pinch nan baggage from his predecessor, Kevin McCarthy, including different pending authorities shutdown and a lagging impeachment inquiry/ 

2024 election: The Democratic National Committee is building its first-ever squad to antagonistic third-party and independent statesmanlike candidates arsenic nan statement and its allies prepare for an all-out war on candidates they position arsenic spoilers.

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