SpaceX prepares third test of Starship rocket

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SpaceX is aiming to motorboat its Starship megarocket connected a 3rd trial formation Thursday that, if successful, could bolster NASA's ambitions to return astronauts to nan satellite and toggle shape nan commercialized spaceflight industry.

The motorboat will return spot from SpaceX’s Starbase trial tract successful Boca Chica, Texas. Liftoff is expected astir 8 a.m. ET, but timing is tentative and nan institution said connected its website that “the schedule is move and apt to change.”

The Federal Aviation Administration connected March 8 granted a motorboat licence for nan trial flight, saying that SpaceX "met each safety, environmental, argumentation and financial work requirements."

This will beryllium nan 3rd motorboat of nan almost 400-foot-tall rocket. The booster's debut flight past April ended pinch nan rocket exploding successful a fiery show respective minutes aft liftoff. A second Starship launch successful November achieved respective cardinal milestones, including separation of nan first-stage booster known arsenic Super Heavy and nan upper-stage Starship spacecraft, but nan company yet mislaid interaction pinch nan vehicle.

SpaceX said nan 3rd trial formation will tackle “a number of eager objectives” that build connected nan lessons learned from nan erstwhile outings. For instance, nan institution is aiming to occurrence 1 of Starship’s Raptor engines while successful space, unfastened and adjacent nan vehicle’s payload doorway and transportation propellant betwixt 2 of Starship’s tanks successful orbit. Finally, SpaceX is besides hoping to show that Starship tin transportation retired a controlled re-entry done Earth’s ambiance earlier splashing down successful nan Indian Ocean.

Each exertion objection will beryllium cardinal for early missions to nan satellite and beyond.

Starship is expected to play an important portion successful NASA’s efforts to return to nan moon. The spacecraft was selected by nan agency to transportation astronauts to nan lunar aboveground during nan upcoming Artemis III mission, which could motorboat successful 2026.

Denise Chow

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