Solo Stove's Excellent Pizza Oven Is on Sale for Pi Day

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Happy Pi Day! Solo Stove is celebrating pinch up to $160 disconnected sitewide erstwhile you usage coupon codification PIZZA during checkout. The company's pizza ovens are connected sale, but truthful are immoderate awesome smokeless firepits and different accessories. We've rounded up our favourite deals below. The waste is scheduled to extremity connected March 18, truthful you person immoderate clip to return advantage of nan discounts.

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Pi Day Deals

Solo Stove Pi

Photograph: Solo Stove

The Solo Stove Pi (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is our favourite pizza oven. This bundle includes 3 other accessories—a pizza peel, a cutter, and a thermometer—yet nan value ends up nan aforesaid arsenic nan oven unsocial acknowledgment to nan coupon code. The creation is compact, pinch a ample cooking aboveground and a bully level apical for other cooking abstraction (and storage). We deliberation it useful champion pinch a good cast-iron pan, particularly since nan grip will instrumentality retired to minimize pain risk. This oven is pricey, truthful this waste makes a bully opportunity to snag 1 for little money. You tin besides opt for nan wood-burning exemplary pinch nary state attachments for less.

The Solo Stove Yukon (7/10, WIRED Review) is awesome, but not portable astatine 27 inches. It's gorgeous and made from stainless steel, positive it burns basking and lights easily. Sure, you tin build a firepit for acold little money, but if you want to put successful your backyard, this firepit is simply a gorgeous measurement to do it.

This is 1 of nan champion deals we've tracked for nan Bonfire. It's akin to nan Yukon but pinch a overmuch smaller diameter, which makes it easier to tote astir to nan formation aliases (safely) successful nan woods. It's durable and nan occurrence burns basking without each that gross fume blowing astir your campy chairs.