'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown reflects on the death of Janelle Brown’s son in heartfelt tribute

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Christine Brown is sharing a fond representation of Garrison Brown pursuing nan 25-year-old’s death earlier this week.

The “Sister Wives” star posted a video of Garrison building a flowerbed for her girl Truely connected Instagram and added a saccharine message.

“Garrison was a wonderful, caring relative who understood Truely’s request for a hobby and built her a flowerbed. We’ll miss him forever,” she wrote, adding nan hashtags “#loveyou” and “#tellthoseyoulovethatyoulovethem.

Two of Christine’s daughters, Ysabel Brown and Mykelti Padron, shared their mother’s video successful their Instagram stories and her girl Gwendlyn commented connected nan post, writing, “(My dog) noël made a sandpit of that flowerbed.”

Garrison was 1 of six children that Janelle and Kody Brown shared. The erstwhile couple maintained a plural matrimony pinch 3 different women, including Christine, and Kody has a full of 18 children from nan plural union.

Both Kody and Janelle announced the decease of their son, whose afloat sanction was Robert Garrison, connected Tuesday.

“Kody and I are profoundly saddened to denote nan nonaccomplishment of our beautiful boy Robert Garrison Brown,” Janelle’s station read. “He was a agleam spot successful nan lives of each who knew him. His nonaccomplishment will time off specified a large spread successful our lives that it takes our activity away. We inquire that you please respect our privateness and subordinate america successful honoring his memory.”

On Garrison’s Instagram page, nan family posted an further connection acknowledging his death.

“Our beloved brother/son Robert (aka Garrison) passed precocious past night. We admit nan emotion and support from each those who person fixed it,” nan station read. “We inquire that everyone please respect our privateness and abstraction done this difficult time.”

Although she wasn’t Garrison’s biologic mother, Christine maintained a adjacent narration pinch him and his siblings, particularly erstwhile their mother separated from Kody.

During Season 18 of “Sister Wives,” Kody lamented his erstwhile wives’ adjacent narration pinch their children arsenic they celebrated Easter without him.

“This is precisely what Christine and Janelle’s scheme is. To abstracted maine from my children truthful they tin person them each to themselves,” he said in 1 episode.

Kody’s estrangement from Garrison and his relative Gabriel has been chronicled connected nan reality show for nan past 2 seasons. When nan pandemic hit, nan Brown patriarch doled retired strict protocols to protect his family.

When he felt that Gabriel and Garrison weren’t taking his protocols seriously, Kody stopped staying complete astatine Janelle’s location and suggested that his sons should nary longer unrecorded there.

In response, Janelle noted that Garrison was surviving astatine location to prevention for a down costs connected a home.

“I’m not going to footwear him retired this adjacent to that goal,” she said.

In addition, Janelle noted that Garrison was “not really societal anyway,” since his friends had moved away.

“I’ve been starting to interest astir him because he’s lonely,” she told Kody.

The mother of six besides made it clear that Gabe wouldn’t beryllium consenting to extremity seeing his girlfriend. In a confessional question and reply aft nan conversation, Kody expressed his vexation pinch nan situation.

“I’m connected nan verge of washing my hands of it. I’m gonna person Gabriel and Garrison move retired of nan house,” he said, adding that he couldn’t technically “evict” them because Janelle’s sanction was connected nan lease.

Kody, Garrison and Gabriel’s estrangement endured and was a focal constituent of Seasons 17 and 18 of “Sister Wives.”